front brakes sticking

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  • 03-13-2016 11:38 PM

    front brakes sticking

    Today while rideing after using my front brakes they stuck on and the farther I went the harder they started grabbing until completely stopping me right hand side caliper very hot. 

    I undone the top nipple on both sides right side the fluid squirted out with lots of pressure the left side not at all.

    OnceI did that I rode to my brothers without useing front brakes we bled them 3 times put new dot 4 fluid in seemed fine.

    Took it out for a test assoon as I used the front brakes once again they came on harder and harder the farther I went and again right caliper red hot.

    Do you think it's the master cylinder or the caliper. ? Also there isn't any kind of noise like metal to metal no kind of rubbing noise from anywhere. 

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    Re: front brakes sticking

    Tough question what machine is it if it as one is the slider in the caliper seized  or the hose from  master cylinder to caliper damaged

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    Re: front brakes sticking

    Hi pyrah

    Its the RF If you leave things sitting for along time these things happen.

    Today we pulled the calipers completely apart because it's going to take afew days to get new pistons and bits. 

    Anyway once we got it back together couldMr get any pressure in the brake lever because we were only bleeding them from the calipers,

    Finally we bled them from master cylinder and pressure appeared but was to late to test.  They were releaseing the breaks while standing still but won't know if it's fixed until tomorrow when I can test them by brakeing hard afew times while bikes running. 

    Im honestly not confident.

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    Re: front brakes sticking

    If it has antidive valves for the front suspension, then the valve and piping might be blocking the return fluid flow.

    Old brake lines can fail with the internal hose swelling and blocking under pressure. The brake dragging could have a dud line.

    There is little value using DOT 4 fluid, after a few months its deteriorated to no better than DOT 3. DOT 4 is really most usefull on racing systems.

    Are the hydraulic lines seperate off the master cylinder or do they have a single line into two

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