Lml strip/rebuild

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  • 06-04-2016 11:56 AM

    Lml strip/rebuild

    Hi all, not sure if this is the right forum I have a 2010 Lml ridden for about three years then left on street(no other option) I very much want get this machine cleaned and working again. Any suggestions for a 1st timer on stripping and rebuilding

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    Re: Lml strip/rebuild

    Yep these 2 dvd's

    and this book

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    Re: Lml strip/rebuild

    What exactly needs doing? It seems unlikely that you need to do an engine rebuild. You probably just need to clean out the fuel system, carby and change the gearbox oil. Maybe change the cables too. These scooters are very basic and therefore pretty reliable I doubt there is a great deal wrong with it.

    Don't take this the wrong way but from your previous posts it doesn't seem like you are a mechanically minded person. I would recommend you take it to Sandy at SS Scooter Engineering and he will do an honest job for you.

    If you do want to have a crack,this is also a good book if you want to do a restoration, better than the Haynes manual.


    The Sausage DVDs that Pyrah posted are good - the maintenance one is very basic but if you ever need to pull the engine down, the rebuild DVD is fantastic.



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    Re: Lml strip/rebuild

    Your absolutely right almost no experience with scooter in terms of the mechanics which is why I want to strip and rebuild this one to hopefully give far more of a handle the basics I'm fortunate to not need the Lml as a daily which makes it seem a sensible albeit perhaps gargantuan task, still a learning curve 

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