Proposed CTP changes by NSW Govt

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  • 10-06-2016 10:48 AM

    Proposed CTP changes by NSW Govt

    Below copy of letter from Australian Lawyers Alliance to President of NSW motorcycle Council re govt  changes to CTP

    Right now the Baird Government is trying to slip through unfair changes to our Compulsory Third Party insurance scheme. I want to make sure you have the whole story.

    Any day now, Baird intends to introduce legislation into Parliament proposing changes which would leave injured people with inadequate compensation and force them to negotiate with insurance companies for all benefits, including medical treatment and care. If we speak up, we have a chance to stop him.

    In short, here’s what Baird’s changes will do:

    1.     Give the insurance company control over your medical treatment (your doctor will no longer decide what treatment should be paid for)

    2.     Limit your rights to receive payment of lost income if you’re injured (if you can’t go back to your job, you could lose everything)

    3.     Remove your access to legal representation, leaving you to fight the insurance company on your own

    If you find yourself as alarmed as I am, I hope you’ll add your voice to this petition, calling on the Premier to leave motor vehicle accident injury rights alone.

    If we’re all lucky, we’ll never be in a motor vehicle accident and we’ll never need compensation, but life doesn’t always go smoothly. 

     If you’ve had a read, and you agree we need to protect the motor vehicle accident injury rights we have, please add your name here and help stand up against these changes.

     Roshana May

    NSW Branch President, Australian Lawyers Alliance

    P.S. If you want to go one step further for this, can you forward this email to friends and family and invite them to sign the petition too?


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    Re: Proposed CTP changes by NSW Govt

    We'll I put my name to it and passed it on, I'm not smart enough to put into words the way I feel about this. 

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    Re: Proposed CTP changes by NSW Govt


    Yes, but is it true? And what's the other side of the story? (There's always another side).

    I only say this because whenever I get an email asking me to pass it on to everyone I know, it turns out to be a hoax that's been floating around for years.


    and WTF are the Australian Lawyers Alliance? The distrust starts with the name . . .

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    Re: Proposed CTP changes by NSW Govt

    Image result for smiley animation I live in SA

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