Operating Temperatures

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  • 12-13-2016 08:21 PM

    Operating Temperatures

    Tomorrow is predicted to be 38 degress in Sydney. I remain concerned about running a small air cooled engine (Honda Dio), which is enclosed, in these conditions. Sitting in any traffic over tarmac will see considerably high temperatures with no airflow passing over the unit. Any thoughts. Could you compromise the engine short or long term?

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    Re: Operating Temperatures

    When I rode a Postie in 50C temps for 10 hours/day for several weeks across WA and NT during the Wet season, it gobbled through motor oil at twice its normal rate, but otherwise I had no issues. So in my experience, oil level is really the thing to worry about/watch.


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    Re: Operating Temperatures

    IMHO it will be fine also doesn't it have forced air cooling maybe using synthetic oil may possibly be better as i believe it can stand higher temperatures before breaking down . Does your owners manual say anything about operating scooter in extreme conditions

    Maybe get some water cooling for tha sen Stick out tongue

    Image result for water evaporation vest

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    Re: Operating Temperatures

    I am reminded now about forced air cooling, so thanks. I need to understand how that works. And yes, more frequent oil level checks under these operating conditions is a good idea. This scoot is promoted as a world model, so you would think they would have it sorted. Some SE Asia countries in to which it is sold would experience consistantly warm tropical temperatures. I'll go back to the manual as you suggest, which is always a good idea.

    Under warranty it runs the oil installed by the Honda dealer after a first service. You would expect that they would not compromise recommendation. Although when i asked whether the valve clearance was within tolerance or required some adjustment I received some washed out answer; 'We tightened everything'.

    At 1500ks everything is just on seated; tyres, engine etc. The little thing is 'whistling', and I want to keep it that way. Even removing the detatchable top box minimizes air disturbance, particularly on a windy day, and aids incremental performance. It is a little motor after all.

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    Re: Operating Temperatures

    I personally would never buy a bike scooter that was not water cooled

    Having experienced in my short time as a rider temps of up to 46Cdeg  I would be worried sick if it was only air cooled

    And with water cooling --a slug of whisky never goes astray, even better with some ice cubes


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    Re: Operating Temperatures

    A standard Honda is designed to operate in hot conditions. The aircooling means Honda have tuned your engine with low power to cope with things like hot days.

    One thing I do is slow down and avoid sustained high speeds on days when the heat is severe, just because the engine can do it does not mean we should do it. Backing off from 60 km/hr to 50 km/hr avoids spikes in temperatures in the engine.

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    Re: Operating Temperatures

    There is nothing in the owners manual that alludes to ambient operating conditions. I agree with you that they would have the design optimized for these situations. Premium recommened oil is pivotal here. Honda HP4 semi synthetic appears as a best choice, no doubt specifically developed for their small air cooled engines. I need to check.That's what I read into it. Fortunately I do not have to sit in sustained creeping traffic on hot summer days.

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