engine oil

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  • 01-20-2017 12:16 PM

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    engine oil

    I've got some engine oil (sealed) never opened which i bought in 2010. Is it still ok to use ? what is thr 

    life of engine oil properly sealed ?

    My last service cost me $230 and left me feeling ripped off for what I get. Also what is the best 

    online site to by Piaggio spares like oil and air filters ?



  • 01-20-2017 12:45 PM In reply to

    Re: engine oil

    Good question some say 3 to 5 years but oil has been opened that was made in the 80s and still within speck . So if stored correctly and the correct specification should be OK give it a shake incase anything as separated and go for it

    Try GPS imports for sundry things click

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    Re: engine oil

    Yep, servicing seems expensive pitted against the capital cost of the cheaper scooters. It always feels disproportionate. If you spent $10k for a new, say Vespa, then $230 might be believed to be better value than against a $3k scooter. First service for the Dio was $213 against $3190 capital cost.

    Even a decent bicycle technician operating from a comprehensive workshop will charge $80-90 an hour labour. It is good to be able to do at least some things for yourself.

    IMO this could attribute in some way to declining scooter sales in Aus. A foray into what could originally be percieved as cheap scooter ownership, including having purchased a cheap scooter originally, is meet with the reality of strong skilled labour costs and rent for workshop and servicing. Add to this also the lenghthy removal of panels, in some instances, and short service intervals, all this has the potential to discourage a second time around for purchasers.

    The natural habitat for the traditional scooter is in the urban environment where commercial rents tend to be at the pointy end. All passed on.

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    Re: engine oil

    Devil Such as a Dio after first service i would do it myself chances are that if no problems crop up in first few thousand k's then it will be ok . The money you save on servicing cost will probably pay for a new scooter every 3 years Stick out tongue

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    Re: engine oil

    ... to confirm what you are saying Pyrah some years ago I stopped to speak with a guy riding a Honda PCX 125. He informed me that he had purchased the scoot for a rediculously discounted run-out price from an outer Sydney dealer. He changed the oil only himself at 1000k, then beyond that he had not done another thing. The scooter was showing over 9k. Now that becomes cheap disposable quality scootering ..... 

    ...asked why he had not undertaken a further oil change he said that he just had not got around to it. The scoot was operating flawlessly ....

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