Advice about buying a new scooter

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  • 03-23-2017 11:10 PM

    Advice about buying a new scooter

    My Tmax died, so I've been looking for a replacement. There is a 2014 BMW C600 Sport with about 22,000km near where I live, and after doing some reading, decided it looked like a worthy replacement. It was originally listed for 9300 or so and then reduced to 8950, so I put in an offer of 8400 and the seller accepted, and I'm going to have a test ride on Saturday to see if I like it. I asked for the service history, and was surprised to see the 20,000km service, done in August,  didn't mention the CVT belt. I rang the dealer where it was serviced and they said it only had 14,400km at the August service (!), and that the schedule did indeed require a belt replacement at 20,000km and it would be approximately $1,300.

    What should I do about this? Is the bike worth $8400 plus $1300 immediately so I should still buy it (this is ALL my savings, I don't really like being without any sort of safety net)? Should I ask for a price reduction, and if so how much? 

    Should I learn to ride a manual at this point (they don't have such expensive services, do they?) or finish learning to drive and buy a car? Or maybe get a less powerful scoot? Can you guys recommend one that'll handle 30km of highway a day and be reliable and have weather pprotection and be heavy enough to not get sucked into trucks and blown about by mild winds? I have too many options and it makes my head spin. But I need to do something soon because it's screwing with my bf's sleep schedule driving me to work and back each day (well, supervising me while I get practice at driving) and he can't get much work done. 

    First of all though I need to work out if this bmw is bad news or not. I don't have anyone to ask, I have a family friend who is into motorcycles and all he tells me is to stop messing around with scooter nonsense and get a real bike :-/


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    Re: Advice about buying a new scooter

    IMHO Walk away it's already got 7500 ks on it since last service so will need another service before 30,000 plus belt change . If you want cheap weatherproof  runabout can't beat buying a small car if traffic congestion ain't a problem . For excitement something like a new Honda CBR500 around 7grand with warrenty is cheaper than the BMW Big Smile

    Redbook price used BMW C600 click  there asking around dealer trade in price

    Si ‘Thi’ later
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    Re: Advice about buying a new scooter

    $1300 every 20000km is a lot for basic mantenance. you would need to consider whether you should bother with the BMW with those sorts of regular costs.

    The new Honda 500 is a great bike, it comes in different models with one having an upright riding position.

    There are others in the commuter class but the Honda is a good start to compare the offerings.

    Depending on your needs newer cars are pretty good.

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    Re: Advice about buying a new scooter

    Thanks guys. Someone contacted me about buying my old Tmax so I went in to the mechanic to take some photos, and the mechanic talked to me, and said that they could fix it properly for $1200. WTF why couldn't he have just called me like 2 weeks ago and saved me all this agony?! And they won't let me sell it unless I pay for their labour diagnosing it, which is fair enough. So I'll get it fixed and maybe jazz it up a bit while they're there - heated grips (winter is coming up), 12V plug in the glovebox, reupholster the seat. I have my license test booked in for the Wednesday after next so hopefully that goes well - then when my bike doesn't start on a winter's morning I can drive.

    When it eventually dies again I'll look into those Hondas :-)

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    Re: Advice about buying a new scooter

    Big SmileYes

    Si ‘Thi’ later
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