New Piaggio ?

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  • 04-20-2017 07:35 PM

    New Piaggio ?

    Piaggio Launches Robot Luggage, Seriously

    Piaggio Launches Robot Luggage, Seriously

    The Piaggio Group has launched GITA and KILO, the first projects developed by Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF), a Boston company doing advanced research for future mobility choices. The Group explores the evolution of mobility and its future, expanding its vision to include a much broader range of technological solutions compared to Piaggio’s current core business.

    KILO is the “big brother” of GITA, and thanks to a larger capacity it can transport up to 100 kg in its 120-liter compartment. It has extraordinary stability thanks to its three wheels.

    “To deeply understand people and their habits to meet their needs, this is the course that led us to create GITA,” said Michele Colaninno, PFF Chairperson. “We understood that we have to create products in line with the needs of tomorrow’s humans, and we will do it through humanity. The success story is made up of PFF people and teams, who confirm it. They are young, enthusiastic, with no fear of challenges, a melting pot of cultures and professionalism that have created a perfect merging of robotics, engineering and design.”


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    But can the luggage keep up with the scooter?


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    Re: New Piaggio ?

    If you want real autonomy, with load carrying capacity, but in a compact package, you would need to go a long way before you find anything as practical as a Brompton folding bke. With ride ergonomics that simulate a full size bike, but a compact fold size that allows the bike to be taken almost anywhere, the Brompton bike is a great urban solution. I use the T Bag option to fully load with most shopping requirements.

    These little bikes are Tonker tough and can give you years of service. I ride my Bromptons to many places: M6L-X & S6L with custom machined goodies to further enhance their abilities.

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    Re: New Piaggio ?

    Interested how much are they

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    Re: New Piaggio ?

    Brompton Australia have a full inventory of their current stock on the web. A new 2017 M6L (new model with increased cockpit room and updated controls) is listed @ $2219.00. I know that seems a lot of money, but they are a 'keeper' and you can take them anywhere.

    I started with the M6L-X low range, -12% gearing, a better gearing option. Cycling through Darling Harbour one day a few years ago (4) I bumped an Argentinian airline captain riding his prefered S model. I told me he deploys is Brompton for discovery riding in every city in which he finds himself. This led me to acquiring an S type also, simply because Brompton bikes are that good; and useful. I have even been to day surgery at RPA and been allowed to take my (immaculate) Brompton into theatre.

    Because of my now age I have installed Tillers Cycles (UK) custom specific 40T chainring and guard also. The S model has a Calhoun Cycles (US) custom S 45mm riser bar. Ergon GP2 grips on both bikes also allows you to reach forward in a relaxed manner. The new 2017 M model has a similar forward bend in the handlebar stem to the S model, giving more room to more M riders. 

    By every definition of the word I am a cyclist, have been for 40 years consistantly, running parallel with my motorbikes and scooters, but these Bromptons offer the greatest level of personal autonomy in the widest range of circumstances of any machine I have owned. The following Sunday is a scheduled Brompton exploritory ride of 65 klms;  ride- train- ride. This little bike will eat up that distance easily, and offer a huge grin factor.

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    Re: New Piaggio ?

    It is difficult for me to wrap my mind around the amount of design and engineering energy that can go into something that at best appears gimmickery, although I do not live in a European city. Some years back a lot of us were going to be riding Segways as transport options, so it was claimed. So what happened there? Cumbersome, difficulty in navigating stairs, or being carried up them by apartment dwellers, expensive, limited range, transporting etc.

    Meanwhile the little Brompton bike goes from strength to strength. A 40 year design evolution, there have been many imitators but non can match the ingenious compact fold design or toughness of the Brompton. I know having owned other makes that simply break or don't compact. Dare I say British ingenouity and engineering mastery; dare I say. But it is also the clever intergrated luggage capacity options that has me reaching often for the Brompton over other rides. These bikes become SO companionable. And when you are done you quickly fold and place on the shelf, or under the bench or in the cupboard then marvel that this little demon was able to transport you so far so capably. The best of British.

    But Mr. Piaggio must know something I do not.

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