Honda PCX 150

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    Re: Honda PCX 150

    USDM PCX's were notoriously slower than the AUDM models. They're probably rev-limited? On the centre-stand I don't hit the rev limiter until 130kph with the standard variator...

    Scooterless for the moment.
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    Re: Honda PCX 150

    aspro boy:

    Thanks Ferrix, at 5'10" it allows me to understand against the mileage you have done that the seat offers reasonable comfort for someone this size. Although saddle comfort is ultimately a relative thing. Interesting that most reviews for the PCX 150 delivered into the U.S. state there is a rev limiter that caps top speed at 63mph (101 kph), but the promoted top speed for this scoot is 70mph (112kph).


    Ah yes, the seat - sorry, I missed that part. Well, I find it comfortable enough, but as you say, it's an individual thing. Also, don't be mislead by my relatively high mileage: it's lots of short hops, not long trips. The longest I've ever spent in the saddle is maybe two hours, and if I recall I was quite happy to get off at that point :)

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    Re: Honda PCX 150

    As of an enquiry last week there are no more MY17 white units held by the distributer, only retailer floor stock for this colour.

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    Re: Honda PCX 150

    Honda Aus.have updated their home web page. Included in the information are the coming colour options for the Honda PCX 150. White and dark blue remain and a startling, to me, yellow - Clipper Yellow. Is Facebook reponsible for this bold colour? - look at me, look at me. Also, the little Dio is still the 14" front and rear wheel model in latest livery. Not to my taste, but someone more refined than I might appreciate this look.

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    Re: Honda PCX 150

    Thanks aspro Yes bit brighter than the old Today 50 perhaps ?

    Image result for honda today 50

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    Re: Honda PCX 150

    Brown and white Dio Cool (more than likely overseas only)

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    Re: Honda PCX 150

    No, what you see on the Aus Honda web page, for the Dio, is exactly what I have seen on the floor at Scooterworld. And they are selling as I have seen them strutting their stuff on the street. I like my white Dio just the way it was in 15-16. Honda really ramped up the finish, especially around the steering head and intrument cluster.

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    Re: Honda PCX 150

    Something the dealer let slip only the other day had me quickly seaching the net. Seems a 2018 PCX 150 will come with ABS. But it appears to be front brake only as the rear continues to be a drum brake. Other upgrades are unknown. Will it replace the Aus. CBS units - make it's way downunder?

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