Yamaha Zuma 68cc in Melbourne

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  • 09-17-2017 10:24 PM

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    Yamaha Zuma 68cc in Melbourne

    Its time for me to sell my scooter and all the accompanying spares.

    A few years ago, I built this scooter for giggles and to take me too and from work on 60 km/hr roads.

    I've now retired and the Zuma is not getting enough use running to the shops and back. (its a bit noisy at the local shops LOL)

    So its time for me to sell the following:

         Zuma registered and roadworthy with the modifications listed at the bottom of this post plus a big top box.

         Zuma not registered but almost ready to register, needs a battery and a check over before roadworthy. This is a standard scooter.

         Zuma not registered but reasonably complet but in pieces. This is a parts scooter but could be reassembled and use off road or with some work, it could be registered.

    They are all purple color, alloy wheels and disc brake models  (i think they are 1999).

        Spare parts including new Leo Vince expansion chamber ehaust, new 17mm carburetor, new spare cylinder and piston and lots of things like spare belts. There is a spare side stand and new Yamaha mirrors.


    There is too much to list here.


    This lot is not for someone who does not know how to work on their own scooters. I don't want to sell it to someone who will thrash it, destroy the engine and can't put it back together.

    The scooter easily cruises at 60 km/hr and is reliable BUT it will also go a lot faster where you will quickly destroy the engine because it is heavily modified. Be silly and you can blow the engine up in a day, ride it as a commuter scooter staying under 70km/hr and it will last a long time.


    Buy a new Doppler variator and a skilled mechanic can upgrade the second scooter to copy the modified scooter there would be enough parts to modify the second standard scooter.


    If you don't know how to check fuel mixture by inspecting the spark plug or pull a variator apart to adjust its speed and weights, this is not the scooters to learn on. I've run it for about 5 years with minimal issues because its tuned properly and I don't thrash the engine.


    If you don't have the space to store 3 scooters and a big box of spares, don't waste your time.


    We will talk about the roadworthy, it will need the exhaust put back to standard for the inspection.


    I'm away from home on and off for the next 2 months.

    Its in Bayside Melbourne, a test ride is ok as long as you have a full license, no L or P platers.

    There is also jackets and gloves that will be offered at bargain prices to the buyer of the scooter.

    Price with roadworthy will be $1300 and I will not seperate the scooters or bits.

    I'll try and attach a photo but they are just Zumas, panels have  some scratches but its easy to make two roadworthy scooters.

    Post me a message with your name and phone number  and I will get back to you in a few days. (I did say I'm retired)

    2001 Yamaha Zuma, DR Evo 68 cylinder, Leo Vince TT derestricted, Delorto 17.5 (#98 jet), standard aircleaner, RMS fan, Race CDI, Standard oiler and premix @ 75:1 Shell SX2, Doppler SR3 variator, RMS clutch, RMS R rear shock absorber and Pirelli SL26 tyres.
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