Gilera Nexus seat

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  • 10-19-2017 10:54 PM

    Gilera Nexus seat

    Hi everyone.  I bought my black Gilera Nexus 500 the other day.  13,600 kms. One owner with full service records.  Bike is fantastic apart from one thing.  The seat hurts my bum.  The guy I got the scooter off was short in stature and he had the seat modified by having it shaved down.  This allowed him to reach the ground easier.  I'm 6 foot and about 93kgs and when I sit on it I can feel the hardness of the underside of the foam. Even a 20 minute ride hurts my bum.  I need to take this seat to someone that knows what their doing to put the cushion back.  I don't want the seat looking like its been messed with though.  I'm hoping someone on here would know exactly where to take it.  A rough idea on price would be great.  I'm located near Ballarat in Victoria.  I don't want to send the seat off.  I would like to simply take it into a shop a pick it up in a couple of days. 

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    Re: Gilera Nexus seat

    Hi Dave,

    Most people seem to like the red Nexus better, but I have always been drawn to the black one. Sounds like a good scoot you picked up.


    I am in Sydney, so can't help with upholsterer recommendations near you. Speaking though more generally about costs...


    * is the current cover a non-oem one or did the previous owner shave the foam and reuse the seat cover? 


    * if the latter, does it look like a pro job or a well done amateur job or is it poorly done?


    Reason I ask is that if you are able to reuse the cover you have then the cost will likely be much more reasonable. They may even be able to use the existing  foam that is left as a base and attach more foam on top to reestablish the seat height and comfort, which would likely save a few more dollars.


    Let us know how you go.


    Ride safe, J

    Ride safe.

    Riding: Doc, a 2009 Derbi GP1 250
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    Re: Gilera Nexus seat

    These guys seem to come up with recommendations pretty regularly,

    Long way from me, so no personal experience.

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    Re: Gilera Nexus seat

    Cheers jshowyin.  It's the original seat that's been shaved down.  It's been professionally done.  I always liked the red also.  I bought the red first and then I bought the black.  I think I actually like the black more.  You dont see many black ones . My red gilera has the original seat. Ive taken the seat off the red one and put it on the black one . So much better. I simply need the one thats been shaved down to be taken back to the original thicker style.

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    Re: Gilera Nexus seat

    Thanks gunnabuild 1 I will check them out. 

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