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    Hello all,

    Just back from Racecourse Motors here in Syd,,,,

    Seems my 2010 Scarabeo 200is has  a worn crankshaft and, basically , has a limited life remaining.

    Vehicle shows about 22,000km but, due to dead speedo, is more like 25,000k.

    Bummer for me, as it is a good scoot that really suits my size+ purposes.

     Except for a little hesitation on start-up and a few weird noises, it runs ok...

    Any ideas?? I'd imagine a full repair may not be worthwhile on something this age .. your opinion?

    Do folks ever just drop in whole new engines? is this Scab 200 of 2010 a generic engine like maybe a Vespa or some other Piaggio product can just drop straight in?

    Best way to nurse it on for a while longer?

    Any other ideas besides boat anchor? It has been a good scoot and 25km ain't much!




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    Sorry to hear all this. You have stated previously that the beo was/has served you well. But 25k does not seem like an exemplarary high mileage for a scoot of this capacity. Was this a Chinese built unit? The design principal for some of these builds appears reasonable, but I question the metallurgy. Riding a pushie often within the cycle corridors of Sydney provides me ample opportunity to stop and check anologue odometer readings where scooters are banged up beside each other in designated parking areas. I have enjoyed doing this over the last several years. The consensus is, with small capacity scooters, that the Japanese units and the Italian built Vespa do appear to be achieving long use life.

    You could struggle to identify a suitable replacement. The sub 200 market, here, is slim pickings. Even the Honda PCX 150, for me at 5'10", feels at little cramped. I am only using this scoot as an example. This is true also for the small Vespa 150. I am modestly comfortable on the Medley 150. All these scoots have bucket style seats for the pilot. You just can't stretch out. The most comfortable seat for my size and over is the Vespa GTS range and the latest Honda Dio, believe it or not.

    If I was looking for a workhorse scooter, something to get me out of town occasionally also and down through the Royal National Park to the ocean pools I once loved to swim, the Suzuki Burger 200 would be high on my list (white). But it might be a bit cramped for your size as you sit low in the saddle on this scoot. I'm comfortable saying that you should get more than 25k from it though. An ugly duckling imo, but it just says - business, and I find that appealing. It should be an ABS model, though.

    I have enjoyed your participation and content md, so I will be interested to know what decisions you make. It won't be easy to find a replacement. A lot of these 'tunnel' scooters are knees up rides, even for average size riders. I would say that the labour costs to re-invent your ride would see you over capitalizing the beo. And what else is worn!? I walked away from my Aprilia for what ever Alex was prepared to offer for it. And that only had 3.5k on the clock.

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    There is something very wrong with your engine crankshaft wearing at 25,000 km. Is there a motorcycle mechanic near you who could give a second opinion.

    Check the motorbike and scooter wrecker searchengines for parts.

    You might find a replacement engine and get salvage refund on your old engine.

    With luck you could ride to the wrecker, get the engine changed and ride home.



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    Thanks guys,

    yep, getting this kind of serious wear at this age is pretty ordinary BUT...made under license in China, maybe U just have to expect that?

    There certainly are some good alternatives out there.....I'd be torn between the Medley 150 for Sydney but the yammie 300 is well priced and has the go power tho I am no real fan of the look. It is a LOT cheaper than the Bev, which is nice. Your point re seat height is something to consider, Asps.

    I'll be checking where both are made !

    Without going into a lot of detail about me own situation, I am gradually moving to Lithgow so the German Brick ( BMW) will become a bigger part of my life but perhaps the Yammie could bridge both worlds. Regardless of the Brick, a scoot is a mighty fine thing and, at $250 rego and third party, it is an indulgence even I can afford.

    Re new engine, Alex at Racecourse Motors says that they have a Scab 200 engine that has done 500km that they could install for $1500.  A lotta $$ but if I get another 7 years on a scoot that I like........that's not bad!

    Crazy thing is, if I install that+ do rego....i could probably flog the thing for a profit!  A good Scab with long rego+ new( ish ) motor could easily go for well over $2k.

    Inma, I will get a second Op...( Asps...this will be from Ange at Bondi) and see what they say.

    Rego on this thing expires around March /April so I'll see how I go.

    thanks again, guys....I think it's japanese or Italian for me


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    If you're a larger guy I can understand why you would find the Beo 200 workable. I'm not sure about continuing to invest money in this project, though. But do go see Ang. Darryl at Scooterworld was saying to me several weeks ago that he wished Honda Aus. would re-introduce the SH 300. Feels it an increased volume seller over the Forza 300 - which doesn't quite fit anywhere. I think you would be comfortable on an SH 300 and it would be capable. You could comfortably come visit us over the mountain after you have left town - we who are left behind. And it's a Honda - I think you would be blown away by the ride and quality difference. But alas. Do venture to the Sydney Motorcycle & Scooter show for some ideas.

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