Back to scooters with a Burgman

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  • 12-21-2017 01:15 PM

    Back to scooters with a Burgman

    After 5 years of riding my Suzuki Boulevard VL800, I finally got tired of clutch and gears. I have always admired the Burgman, and a month ago I picked up a great 2013 model with only 10K km on the clock. It's virtually identical to the 2017 model at half the price. What a fantastic machine! I now enjoy riding again, the cruiser was just not giving me any more riding pleasure. Around town, going to the shops, in traffic on Parramatta Road, or the twisties through Kangaroo Valley, I've always got a smile on my face now. And the comfort and the weather protection are superb. I'm an old guy of 68 so I look forward to the Burger lasting me until I have to finally hang up my boots. This is the best mobility scooter I could wish for.

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    Re: Back to scooters with a Burgman

    Thanks for the post. You haven't indicated what size Burger machine you purchased. I have a thing for the Burger 200, if I had the time - would like the ABS model. The two Fs - fugly and functional.

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    Re: Back to scooters with a Burgman

    Its the big Burger 650. My last scooter was a SYM Firenze, that was a very nice machine and in my opinion 250 cc is the best size around town, but I decided to go the "whole hog". The 650 is not really a pretty machine, but the current model's back end has been slimmed down compared to the earlier models.

    Talking about hogs, one of them pulled up alonside me at traffic lights the other day, and gave me a contemptuous look just as the lights turned green and he fluffed his gear changes as I took off well in front of him. A kilometer down the road at the next lights he caught up with me. I tried to attract his attention to say gidday, but he wouldn't look me in the eye. I let him go ahead of me, I didn't want to hurt the poor fellows feelings any more.

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    Re: Back to scooters with a Burgman

    A friend bought a B650 for his commute.

    It was rechipped and other engine mods plus the transmission was tuned.

    It was very quick.


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    Re: Back to scooters with a Burgman

    Congrats on your Burgman purchase Aardvark. The AN650 is just as relevant today as it was 15 years ago on its release. It brought competition and changes in the world of maxi scooters. Suzuki builds strong solid machinery. Sure they are not for everyone, but those who buy them ride them with pride and confidence. 12 years of ownership without a hiccup makes me glad I joined the club. Enjoy smiling.


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    Re: Back to scooters with a Burgman

    I've owned the little brother 400 for 3yrs now and still love riding her everyday  

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