Buying a new scooter

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    Buying a new scooter

    This thread should really appear in the technical section here, but with little general activity it might get overlooked.

    So, what could be the  ramifications for a new scooter that (say 150cc) that came off the production line 18 months prior to any sale date. Do the scooters get boxed once they have passed quality checks, to be left in warehouse storage until the market demands them. Assuming they are test run, what about residual fuel and or tyre deterioration?

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    Re: Buying a new scooter


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    Re: Buying a new scooter

    They are crated at the factory and remain stored in controlled conditions until they are dispatched to the dealer.

    The factory crating and mechanical preparation for the storage assures the new scooter when unboxed is in new condition.

    The resale value of a two year old model should concern the buyer.

    In tenders I've managed, we used a clause "should be new and of recent construction".

    A two year old Yamaha scooter would be of less concern than a 2 year old cheap Chinese scooter because things like the seals and gaskets are more likely to be designed for storage in a crate in a warehouse.



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    Re: Buying a new scooter

    Thanks for taking the time for this response INMA. The considered purchase would be just on 18 months from date of manufacture. It contravenes everything my experience has taught me about being a two calendar year old vehicle at purchase. Add to that is the belief that the Tricity will not hold its value irrespective of the fact that it will be a MY16. But the big advange, as I consistantly read, is that the selling price new places it a 5 out of 5 for value - the technology and development is being purchased cheaply.

    The real concern was in regard to componentry deterioration whilst standing idle. Given that the warranty is only twelve months, and Yamaha Australia scooter support would appear poor, it had me wondering.


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