Yamaha Tricity 155 - Owner Review

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  • 04-10-2018 10:11 PM

    Yamaha Tricity 155 - Owner Review

    Although it is far too early to call, there are some initial observations that can be noted. Although this is not a scooter that might tickle the tastes of many, I choose to believe that most enthusiasts aren't at least a tad interested in some of the R&D properties invested with this design. 

    Rating so far: 8.65/10 -- Marked down for o/a weight in the 150 class; a rigid ride (claimed to be a resultant property of the front folks design); and on a petty note the very average mirrors.

    Positives are: a grunty 11.1kw powerplant down low - ideal for the urban assault; no drive lag (it almost jumped strait in to traffic as I was expecting a need to build revs. Equally, say if you are trickling along downhill the clutch does not disengage until almost stopped. So if you need to power-on, there is no snatch when the clutch re-engages. Comfortable for many traffic situations; the weight (yes, there is an upside) - lane changing at speed, for a 150 class, coupled with the additional stability offered by the front wheel configuation, is wonderfully reassuring; I say five stars for value - all that R&D.

    Once aboard, you (me) are not aware that what is being ridden is anything other than a traditional two wheel vehicle. You will need to put your feet down, though. Eventually.

    Let's see from here ....

  • 04-11-2018 05:47 PM In reply to

    Re: Yamaha Tricity 155 - Owner Review

    Interesting, Asps...bit weird about the ordinary mirrors.

    good to hear the ride "feels" familiar..

    Aprilia 200ie
  • 04-15-2018 10:06 PM In reply to

    Re: Yamaha Tricity 155 - Owner Review

    .... @ 250 ks: I am enjoying this scooter more as the ks build. Independant of the unique physical properties of this scoot I am enjoying a ride with greater road presence and increased power (a mini maxi). That should be stated.

    * the seat is hard, but I'm possibly not the ideal person to critic seat comfort - * Good room in the footwell over the previous model. I wear a size 43 shoe -   * at 5'10" or 178cm if feel I am at the maximum for optimum comfort; reach to controls, seat height, room to move in the cockpit etc (and it does feel like a cockpit) -  * love that spacious flat floor. My Harris Farm Market shopping bill is set to increase. My preference is for a flat floor for anything under 250cc - * not cavenous, but reasonable under seat storage with complimentary light. I won't be adding a top box at this stage.

    * If there is an unavoidable road hollow, or surface irregularity, it is best struck with one of the leading wheels. The scooter will remain composed and there will be little registration of impact. However, allowing the rear wheel to strike quickly reminds you of a rigid rear suspension. The scooter might be worthy of a rear suspension upgrade - * the simple digital dash sets things out clearly and is an easy reference, as are the switches and controls - * the brakes seem very good, but as yet are untested for emergency stopping. They do need a good squeeze though.

    I ordered, which arrived within 4 days, an aftermaket replacement windscreen (amazing). This was from Webike (Japan) - world walk high screen. It is not a tall screen, sitting at about the height of the top of the mirrors, but it does offer some additional wind protection at speed. But the big thing, to me, is that it offers the scooter a much better look; it looks better balanced. So delighted was I that I ordered a second in the smoke, the first being clear. This is a six minute swap out. Really. Too easy.


  • 04-19-2018 09:07 PM In reply to

    Re: Yamaha Tricity 155 - Owner Review

    ... the second smoke screen was ordered just before 10am on Saturday morning and there was a knock on my door Tuesday morning at 8 am by the local parcel courier. All the way from Japan in that time frame. Unbelievable. It has tranformed the look of the scooter, which no longer looks 'squat' at the front and assumes a look of being more purposeful.







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