Commuter protective Jacket

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  • 04-03-2019 11:42 AM

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    Commuter protective Jacket

    G’Day All , been a long time. I finally sold my 250 xevo after approx 55000 Km and purchased a Yamaha 300 Xmax. I have been commuting to the beach /shops etc wearing shorts and T shirt but have now woken up to my self and should be wearing more appropriate gear. I also have a motor bike but the gear used when riding that is too heavy and cumbersome. 

    Im looking for recommendations for a light weight protective jacket ,easy to slip on and off to duck down to the shops, mainly just to stop skin being shredded when you bounce down the road

    Regards Paul

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    Re: Commuter protective Jacket

    Hi - I hope that you are enjoying the X-Max 300 (I've just bought my second one) - it's a good bike.

    Can I suggest a leather jacket as leather is an all- round performer for cold, heat, and skidding.if the price tag seems daunting try the 'op' shops (there are plenty).

    Cotton jeans are ok. For gloves  visit bunnings gardening section and choose leather gaunlet type (price is not the priority). You can also try welding gaunlets-if they feel harsh buy cheap cotton gloves and wear them on the inside (also gives a nice hand 'cushion'effect-5 pairs $4.

    Of course, if you want to look flash go to the nearest motorcycle shop with a large bag filled with money. However, when you're skidding on your *** down the road looks don't seem to matter!




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    Re: Commuter protective Jacket

    'I've just bought my second one' - wow. I have you to thank Tony for my shuffling though a few scooters over recent years; a philosophy that recognizes that time waits for no man.. I'm thinking that you might have purchased the latest livery colour, matte silver, but more importantly that the build date is more recent than the initial Australian delivery units. And the Forza comparatively, what of the Forza?

    Yes, you do need to dress sensibly. Gloves are a must. The first thing you will do is put your hand out. For scootering I always buy gloves that are easy to insert your hands. Even a short scoot to the shops will have you wearing them with ease.

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    Re: Commuter protective Jacket

    Aspro Boy --

    Yes on both counts - the colour I've bought is mattt silver and the build is 2019. The previous bike was built 2017.

    So far (150kms) everything is ok except of course the tyres. They are the same as the 2017 built bike.

    I do miss the Pirelli's that I replaced them with, and can't see me sticking with the standard tyres for long.

    I had intended to keep the other bike, but was offered a really good deal on a new one, so why not!

    I agree about the gloves. One other item not mentioned is that of wearing a yellow fluro top. For $7 (again-Bunnings) it is a small price to pay for being seen 'sooner-than-later" by other road users.

    PS  I did inverstigate the new Forza but decided not to buy one:- $1000 more in price - smaller engine capacity - dealers (4) disinterested in talking about the X-Max trade-in - ALL of them had a 'take-it-or-leave-it' attitude - no discount for cash  -   so I left it!



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