Sensible is best

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  • 04-15-2020 08:27 AM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    Another quick comment. One very good first mod to do to a GTS is replace the front shock, with a Bitubo or BGM or such.

  • 04-15-2020 11:02 AM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    Thanks for supporting me, Mike. I think I'll run the Maxxis tires, that now exist across the Vespa range. European reviews show the City Grip on their examples. Maybe some time in the future I'll upgrade, or swing across. The dealer is saying he can do a change, but at some point I'll need to do a budget for this non budget scooter. Ah, the seat. Actually, the seat on the latest GTS 150, which appears identical to the seat on the GTS 300hpe Super (the standard model), feels more comfortable. It has less hump - not as defined between pilot and passenger. My rider seating style is identical to your own. In my case it is inherited from my bicycle riding, and aids riding comfort over distance.

    If I do only one mod it will be a front suspension ugrade. After the break-in period, and with a few more clicks travelled, I might take it to S&S Engineering (Scooter Engineering) to have it fitted - they're not too far away.

    Every detailed investigation identifies the fuel tank at 7litres, down from 8.5. I crunched a lot of numbers last night, taking a mean of test HPE fuel reports, and came up with a fuel range of between 190 - 200klms. You might confirm that. Yes it's thriftier than the version it replaces - it was developed to be Euro 5 compliant, which is not too far away.

    What I like about the GTS 300 is that it remains definitively a scooter. Thinking a little while back that I wanted another GT scooter, some of them blurr the boundaries of motorbike/scooter. I'm only a hobbist now - and no longer want to ride off into the yonder.

    I'm just about to walk up the road and again sit on a grey 300hpe. Cyclecraft have two, both displaying Victorian plates - apparantly they are demos that have been parked there for the duration of the Covid -19 shutdown. Racecourse Motors, also not too far away, have three grey and one black one as floor stock.

    I'm glad your out there to wave the flag ....... I'll report back

  • 04-15-2020 01:58 PM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    I presume the grey ones are the supertech models. Do you want the digital dash and connection to your smartphone so you can have chats with your scooter all day? You can also install GPS with it. I prefer the looks of the analogue dash, but the electronics is tempting.

    There is not much colour choice. The supertech comes in a pleasant grey and matt black. I prefer gloss to matt anyday. I don't know what colours are available in the other models, except blue like my older one, and yellow, I think.



  • 04-15-2020 08:03 PM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    Yes it's a Supertech. They are only available in smart grey and black. I'm done with black. Have been for some years. I find the grey appealing. The Supertech is overkill for me, with marginal personal tech literacy. But it doesn't make sense, to me, to buy the older mechanical technology. The Supertech is expensive, this is plain to see, but the older new units, being sold, look even more expensive comparatively. I have been looking at used, over time, but most owners want silly money, even for rides years old. I like the analogue dash, but what can you do. They possibly will bring to this country the 300 hpe Super, the base model, or the 300 hpe Super Sport. But not until existing landed stocks are exhausted. I'm drawn to the grey - a solid gloss colour. The new led lighting is claimed to be sensational and will go some way to addressing a low-viz on-the-road vehicle. I always wear a bright coloured shell over whatever I am wearing whilst riding. Always.

    I've costed everything today ....ouch, but this will be a last substantial throw of the dice for me after more than 50 years of bike/scooter purchases. And it does seem like a great way to roll out. I'm fitting a rear fold down rack and clear Vespa flyscreen; easily removed it it proves noisy or annoying in any way.

    This will just be a hobby, club and rally ridden scooter. Hopefully with like minded souls.

    After this it will possibly be a Honda Benley, with a big box on the back in which to transport the dog. But I will also need to get a dog .....

  • 04-15-2020 09:18 PM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    One of the guys in the Vespa club has that grey model, and he has blacked out all the chrome. Looks really great. I am also attracted to that model. Good luck with it when you get it.

    Pity about this damn pandemic cramping all our activities. I look for "necessary" shopping outings (chocolate and such) just to scoot to the shops, which are in easy walking distance.  


  • 04-16-2020 12:28 PM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    Pete Gailey, a once strong contibutor to this site, posted something years ago about his GTS that stuck in my claw; 'modern retro brilliance'. 

    So I have never ridden a Vespa, period, or test ridden any version of the GTS that has now captured a large deposit from me. But I know I'll be happy - I'll adjust to it, as I did with the last five new bike/scooter purchases, without test riding them prior. Ready for collection tomorrow.

    So you can't place the chocolate under the seat and take the long route home .......

  • 04-17-2020 02:08 PM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    .... outstanding! I did a run out to La Perouse by way of the long route home. Perfect with the clear screen, which is slightly taller the the smoked version, and the rear rack. Outstanding ...... down to the garage now to have a fiddle 

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    Re: Sensible is best

    I'd like to post something, but am really too tired, now, from two sleepless nights of antcipation and child-like excitement over a new purchase. 

    Some immediate thoughts can be your best, with ongoing familiarity potentially blurring a future review. So quickly:

    It's a cinch to haul onto the centre stand; this models side stand is fully functional and can be used with confidence, with discretion. The underseat storage is limited; The rear rack will be usefull; the clear windscreen, which is slightly taller than the smoked version, works a treat - no way back from here. The seat has surprised me ... it is far more comfortable than it is not. The LED instrument screen is ... sensational (not that i'll possibly use all the functions). In the grey livery the scooter is understated 'class'. It's a 'class act' scooter, which makes my, now traded, mint Tricity 155 seem like a tractor.

    The hpe had 3 ks on the clock at pick up and now has about 60ks. I am trepidous with the new Maxxis tires. I am thinking that the brakes will 'bed', with the right initial applications, and 'feel' will improve. It is an urban weapon - even being broken-in responsibly. I have felt none of the steering idiosyncracies reported by (some) owners of previous GTS scoots. It is very stable and balanced at very low speeds.

    I will acquire a tasteful soft luggage option for the rear rack - I would like it to be removable with ease.

    I feel lucky .. and I'm hoping to share the ocassional ride with other appreciative riders. The only thing I ask from here is that it remains reliable .....

  • 04-18-2020 08:23 AM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    I'm delighted that you are so impressed with it. I have been reading a lot about experience with the HPE on the German vespa forum (online translator), and the only problem reported so far was a squishy front brake, for which there was a recall and a fix. That was only on a small number of models before it was fixed, with an extra bleed nipple, I think.

    I agree the grey gives it class. I like the new "necktie" on the front.

    Now you need to think about "essential" shopping errands, and scenic routes to get there. Wish I had been with you on your first ride, to see your face. As I said earlier, Vespa riders smile all the time. Enjoy!

    I really must get to Scooter Central and take one out on a test ride, and see whether I want to trade one of my two in. 



  • 04-19-2020 11:28 AM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    Another problem reported by a couple of guys on the German forum is HPEs using engine oil. So check yours after a few thousand k, don't wait for the first service, in case yours is one of the guilty ones. It seems this problem resolves itself as the k's mount up.




  • 04-19-2020 11:34 AM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    I didn't need someone to hold my hand through this purchase exercise, but I genuinely appreciated your accumulated subject knowledge and flag waving, Mike. It's more rewarding to have shared this purchase experience. I spent three hours yesterday morning 'proofing' and detailing the scooter. But that's me. When I swung past the dealership early afternoon on my pushie, I see my cyber blue Tricity 155 sitting on their showroom floor amidst all new Vespa floor stock. Yes, @ 5k Kilometers it presented better than when I took delivery of it - all paperwork, stamped books, tasteful extras etc. But that's me. I was ready to move on to something about which I could feel hobbist passion.

    I went out after 4pm yesterday on the GTS for a one hour rumble (without the rumble). I'm delighted beyond expectation. It hits my current spot.

    I am finding it very hard to get user review feedback with these Maxxis tyres. I remain cautious.

    They 'grey' is all class ....imo. Speak soon. And thanks ......

  • 04-19-2020 11:51 AM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    I'm mindful about oil burn with this model, having read similar. Do you carry an emergency tyre inflation kit?

  • 04-19-2020 01:24 PM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    Yes, I have a pressure gauge, several of those compressed air bombs, and a short hand pump (which I've never used), in a small case under my saddle.

    One time going down to the city for a scooter club ride, I got as far as North Sydney when I discovered I had a soft rear tyre. Turned around and headed back to the last petrol station, where I overinflated the tyre. Then I rode like hell to the next station, overinflated again, etc until I finally got home to Berowra Heights.


  • 04-21-2020 08:14 PM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    Aldi chilli dark chocolate - is my favourite. And sections are individually wrapped, which helps maintain consumpton discipline.

    How lucky am I with the weather; a new scooter and ideal seasonal weather. I did go out and purchase a small 2 pack air bomb kit. Not running a top box the use of exiting storage space needs to be well considered. I have been looking at the Nelson Rigg rear rack bags online. Could be of interest. Something that can readily be removed. Do you run a top box on both your GTS rides, Mike?

    Of the many things to feel well pleased about with my new ride is a level of comfort that can be lacking in many scoots. Sometimes you can't know until you spend time in the saddle. At 5'10" and 69kgs (please pass more chocolate), this scooter could have been tailored for me; there's no tendency to slip forward on the seat under braking - good room in the cockpit to adjust posture to aid comfort - arm reach feels natural and balanced.

    I was out n about today racking up some ks (45), and found it hard to turn for home. I did a reasonable Coles grocery shop close to home on my return journey to determine what can be sensibly carried from, and on, the bag hook and pan floor. Too easy. The Tricity in this department I had thought would be a hard act to follow. Virtually on par.

    I love the clear screen - and feel in it's own way compliments the scoot ... or at a minimum does not detract. But I guess this is personal. It offers a reasonable degree of weather protection - and with the folding rack gives the scoot style and functionality.

    Do you run 95 or 98 octane in your rides, Mike? I fueled the scoot today for the first time.

    I am hungry for a longish ride ..... so is the bike

  • 04-21-2020 10:14 PM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    I have top boxes on both my scoots. I don't like their looks, but they are just so damn useful. And when I am parking and leaving the scooter for a while I like to have my helmet out of sight. Sometimes I remove them for a week or so, just to have my scooters looking beautiful.

    As I keep a full rainsuit under my saddle there is not much room left there. I keep my tools in the glove compartment, along with a torch and a small first aid kit.

    I have never had a screen on any of my 9 Vespas. 

    I use 95 petrol when available, otherwise 98. I invariably fill up at the same station every time in Berowra.

    Went for a ride today, down to Brooklyn where I walked around the loop past Parsley bay for some exercise. Stopped at Pie-in-the-Sky near Cowan for a take-away coffee. It seems the cops are being very strict there, and you cannot drink your take-away on their premises. So I joined a few friends at the roadside just outside their gates. I used to mert about a dozen friends there every morning, but now it is just 2 or 3.




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