Sensible is best

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  • 04-22-2020 05:49 PM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    Hi - cops are ever patrolling here, but it's about logistics; when the sun shines and hoards of folk spill outside from their high density living, this seems difficult to police. You need to be doing something blatant to attract the attention of boys and girls in blue.

    The manual reads a minimum of 95 octane. I am aware that octane levels are generally higher in Europe. Also, service intervals are pushed out to 10K following the inital 1k service. But I note that the belt, rollers and slides are all to be replaced at 10K kilometers. If it keeps the scoot performing as it is currently - then that's ok. I'm so smitten with this scoot I'm likely to respond to most developments, at the moment, with - and that's ok.

    I racked up 100ks on the 300 today. Wanting to undertake best break-in riding I went on two unbroken rides, with lots of throttle variation and speed range. 35ks to La Perouse and coastal/beachside mini touring, then after lunch a quick spin down to Crunulla and back. I left all the short haul jobbing work to the Monkey early this morning, before swapping rides.

    The 300 continues to impress. It mauled these kilometers capably, and in comfort .....or such that you feel at this age.

    But there are a couple of niggles: the ambient temperature gauge is on steroids. You need deduct about 8 degrees. The sensor must be placed too close to a heat source; the fuel gauge is on drugs - possibly too much petrol sniffing. It's wildly unreliable. Yesterday it almost caught me out, with the gauge displaying 1/3 full tank, then the emergeny fuel warning light abruptly flashing the next second. I fuelled within 4ks. But today, whilst out on the first ride, the gauge didn't move from full. This indictation should have also included the balance of use yesterday after fuelling. Hmm. When I stopped for two minutes to clean my glasses the gauge set itself to what I believed was close to an acurate display. But ten minutes later it displayed full again. When I got home I released the fuel cap thinking it might be a vacuum problem in the tank. When I left home for my second ride I believe the gauge was displaying an acurate reading, with me then needing to guesstimate the distance to be covered against remaining fuel. The gauge seems only to set itself when the scoot is re-started ....... and that's ok  ...... sort of. Sort of not. I need to take a mileage reading when I fill, now, and plan for about 160 -170ks during break-in and 180-190ks thereafter.

    What did you do today?

  • 04-22-2020 10:29 PM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    I did some work on a couple of Meccano models, pruned some bushes, watched a Poirot, read a fantasy novel, did a couple of sudokus, ate and drank. Didn't ride. Didn't do any exercise.

    Sorry to hear about your electronic issues - fuel gauge and temperature. I'm amazed that your fuel gauge should be so unreliable in this day and age. Any such issues should have been resolved years ago. Hope a software update will fix it when you get the scooter serviced. I trust your outings were "necessary", like buying booze or something.


  • 04-23-2020 08:52 PM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    The truth is I needed to look up - sudokas.

    Suspicions are that the temperature sensor is being affected by a surrounding heat source. When you turn on the ignition the temp. reading appears as per external conditions. After a few ks it jumps up. I live in hope that the fuel gauge will settle. It did perform better today for my late circuit outing. But I remain vigilante. I recall seeing a small reference to the fuel gauge in a review article a while back.

    The digital instrument cluster is all sex appeal. I like that when you ride through a tunnel, or in low light conditions, the back-lighting changes. When I sit behind those bars and survey my cockpit, windscreen, and overall finish and feel I don't begrudge a single dollar spent on this scoot. I feel like I am riding a thouroughbred.

    When I looked this morning I noticed the rear folding rack plastic retaining clip was missing. No doubt vibrated from the rack during yesterdays ride; but the only fibration felt is the single cylinder thump when sitting stationary. A web view informs me that this plastic clip goes missing easily. Too late reading. The strong velcro tie I replaced it with could possibly be a better option.

    One of the parameters I would change is levers reach. They're workable, and not uncomfortable, but I'd liked them inboard about 5 -7mm. 

    I always carry a shopping bag under the seat, officer.


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    Re: Sensible is best

    A funny thing happened on the way to:

    On a return journey today, entering the outskirts of Maroubra junction, I viewed a white GTS 300 closing in from behind at a brisk pace. We both arrived at the front grid (traffic lights) at the same time, but in separate lanes.I wanted to comment about her ability to rear view with mirrors positioned so haphazardly. A pleasant Rubenesque woman about sixty then struck up a brief conversation with me - about the great looking grey colour - and her preference choice at the time for white.

    The lights then turned green, but she was already out of the blocks with a determined fistful of throttle, her large empty shopping bag swinging from the bag hook. She rode that 5-6 year old GTS 300 like she had stolen it; or she was late for her crochet or baking class.

    Questions. Please: I spent time under my scooter wondering whether I should 'proof' some of the bodywork? I also see a SLUK front fender extender; a worthwhile addition?

    Currently @ 350k in one week. Break-in is important to me, not wanting to do short stop-n-go riding. Gaining some confidence with the tyres also
















  • 04-25-2020 09:27 PM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    I ride my scooter like that too. Like to feel the front wheel lift as I take off. Guess I'm still a hoon!

    Riders in Europe have snow in winter, and salt on the roads which is very hard on the paintwork and any exposed metal. I have never experienced any problem with rust or stones shot up by the front wheel. There aren't generally stones about on Sydney roads. But if you lived very close to the sea rust will be a concern for you, especially if your scooter is parked out of doors. In that case rust-proofing would be a good idea. I really don't think a front fender extender or flap is necessary, unless you intend to ride on gravel or dirt roads.    


  • 04-26-2020 07:46 AM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    Thank you. Yes, a lot of my riding is along the seaboard. I have been constantly addressing the related issues of salt mist on my rides for years. Especially all the leading edges. My machines are garaged, and usually I wipe them over with a chamois before standing them down. And some Mr. Sheen. It's constant. But salt mist can be so destructive.

    This is the reason I spent hours 'proofing' my 300 Saturday last. But I was wondering as to a better product. I love this 300 - it's touched the right place.

    If the scooter wants for anything it is for a decent ride - it's begging. I'd love to throttle up down to Thirroul and back this morning. Too conspicuous, though.

  • 04-26-2020 12:04 PM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    I had a ride down to Brooklyn this morning for my morning walk. Stopped at Pie in the Sky on the way for a coffee. While I was there a cop car pulled in and as I left the cop was interrogating a motorcyclist mate of mine.  I didn't hang around to hear the outcome, but as I was parking at Brooklyn I saw two other motorcyclists about to depart for PITS, so I gave them a friendly warning.

    The weather was lovely, and the ride gentle and relaxing. I've been riding my blue GTS for the last month, so this was the white one's turn. They both need a wash (and the car, collecting dust in the carport). Not to mention a bit of TLC - tyre pressures, oil levels, etc. 


  • 04-27-2020 01:38 PM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    Yes, the morning weather was ideal for a ride so it's good you took advantage of it. I kept thinking how good it would have been to be able to take a scooter run down south. I did an early Cliff Young shuffle thingy instead; covered a reasonable distance. After a late breakfast I took a circuit harbour and coast ride out to Watsons Bay, then Ben Buckler on the 125 Monkey. Tis a joyful thing.

    I ordered some Putolin product for the Vespa. I had a good look underneath for a while on Saturday - all seems substantial. I just want to best protect what I can. But this is the land of the GTS. There are no shortage of examples rumbling their spirit around here. A lot sit outdoors, to their detriment - but they rumble on in varying presentations regardless.

    I can understand why you own two .....

    My own vehicle sits in the garage attached to a trickle charger. Hasn't moved from the garage in 3 weeks.

  • 04-27-2020 09:59 PM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    I use my car once a week, to do my weekly shopping. The car lives under the carport, and the scooters in the shed (garage), along with my model railway, workbench, etc.

    I have just read that premier Gladys says that motorcycle riding comes under the heading of exercise, so we don't need an excuse of "necessary" shopping to go for a ride. I shall now go back to a regular ride up to Pie in the Sky, but perhaps not every day as I used to. Must keep walking too.


  • 05-05-2020 10:12 PM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    Yesterday I washed both scooters and the car. Then I changed the engine oil and filter in the blue scooter. It was overdue for a little TLC. The new filter had been sitting on my workbench for a few months. Next job is a coolant change.


  • 05-06-2020 08:43 PM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    They ride better when detailed and spoilt. I wiped over and placed at the back of my garage last Thursday the HPE. But yesterday afternoon I brought it to the starting grid; the weather looked set to be ideal for two wheeling.  Mid morning today I took a scenic route to La Perouse, then decided (although I was prepared) to swing round the bay to Kurnell. The HPE lapped it up, and so did I. I'm comfortable on this scooter - it ticks all my preferred boxes - including the joy of ownership.

    The fuel guage seems temperamental, though. Still. No issue as I jot down the mileage at fill - and have calculated that I am on par with reported test fuel consumption @ 29-31 ks per litre. So at 170ks travelled I'm thinking about fuelling to be on the safe side.

    The HPE is just under 3 weeks old and has now travelled a little more than 500 joyful and spirited ks.

    My accountant is at Hornsby, so when the time comes maybe ...........

  • 05-08-2020 08:09 AM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    There is a lovely loop ride that I do every few months. Down and across the Berowra ferry then through Arcadia, Berrilee and Dural to Galston, then up through Galston gorge to Hornsby and home again. Lovely scenery. 

    The ride down the old Pacific Highway past Pie-in-the-Sky to Brooklyn is also great fun, good road and lovely bends all the way. I've scraped my stand a few times on those bends. The scenery is also good if you can take your eyes off the road for a moment.

    I've just ordered a new front tyre for my blue scooter. I was surprised to find that it had pretty good tread on the left side but hardly any on the right. Very funny wear. I'm sure I do harder cornering to the left than the right. Getting the new tyre from Collide-a-Scope, a motorcycle repair shop in Hornsby that I have been dealing with for many years.  



  • 05-18-2020 11:30 AM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    I had a computer security issue that was, or seemed to be a result of a supplier administrative error. I just went silent through this period until resolved. 

    My Vespa dealer informed me the other day that the HPE Supersports is just about to arrive; as are some racing sixties variants. I'll post when I see them, so you can have a look see. I'm perfectly happy with mine - no disappointments. It's up the back of the garage awaiting an opportunity to go prowl, again.

    I did get the Monkey out and have been using it for local jaunts. I patrolled along the seascape to Maroubra and back the other day - and listed it as one of my best Monkey rides; in the groove and flowing.

    Honda have missed the boat, a little, or a lot, with some of their recent scooters. The SH150 with slow sales; the PCX 150 now being outsold by the Yamaha NMax 155; the latest Forza 300 doesn't even get a sales figure mention against the Yamaha XMax 300. But two new models might lift their overall sales future tally: the ADV 150 and the CT 125 - I personally think that Honda will enjoy reasonable sales with both these models.

    What's happening up yonder?

  • 05-19-2020 03:20 PM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    I would love to see some new colours in the GTS300, but I am not keen on the Supersport because I don't like matt. I far prefer a deep gloss.

    On Sunday it was back to business as usual with the crowd of motorcyclists at Pie-in-the-Sky. There was barely space to move, let alone engage in social distancing. When I arrived I was surprised to see a bunch of friends on scooters there. The scoots included a GS150, a GS160, a slimstyle Lambretta, two PXs and a GTS300. Yesterday and today were much quieter, of course, but now there are chairs out and my motorcyclist friends and I are holding our usual meets under the "Tree of knowledge" again, just 5 or 6 of us so far. Still social distancing.

    This coming weekend on the 24th the Sydney Vespa club are having a ride up this way, through Berowra, across the Berowra ferry and back through Arcadia, Dural, West Pennant Hills, etc. with fish and chips lunch at the Berowera Waters marina. I will be joining them, and as the route passes within a block of my house I have invited them to stop for 10 minutes to see my Vespa model collection, model railway and collection of Meccano models. The Berowra ferry will be closed for 6 weeks from June 1st for maintenance to the ramps, so they are getting this ride in just in time. 




  • 05-21-2020 05:20 PM In reply to

    Re: Sensible is best

    .... 10 minutes! To take in all that! That's like international tourists who depart from Melbourne and want to see, and expererience, the east coast of Australia - ending in Port Douglas - all in a 7 day holiday.

    I looked at the SVC web page, but no announcements for a weekend ride. I bumped Toby, if I remember his name correctly, and his wife in Centennial Park recently. He invited, and encouraged me to join their club. Toby has the mobile mural Vespa GTS.

    Part of the reason for purchasing the Vespa was to attend and participate in such rides, even though i'm not 'clubby' by nature. But I also wanted to enjoy and understand about other machinery people own and ride. But I'm unavailable this weekend. Unfortunately. It sounds like an enjoyable route - including the added attractions on offer.

    So heartily tickled pink with my new ride ..................... nothing else to report at this end. Your collection hobbies really touch a cord with folk my age. We well remember .........

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