Is Sensible Best?

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  • 08-07-2020 02:04 PM

    Is Sensible Best?

    Developing a Vespa GTS to do wheel stands at launch can't be considered sensible. Can it? But it might be considered the - best - with what can be achieved from this 300 powerplant. So, a conundrum exists.

    Now that I have grabbed your attention: it was time for a new thread. The cold weather restricts my two wheels activities. Yep, I can whimp - having trouble with circulation in the cold and the affect it has on hand dexterity use. The SuperTech now has (only) 1650 ks on it - all really enjoyed. It seems too good, capable for short haul trips, so I do 'picnic' rides. Am looking foward, circumstances permitting, to do a few full day trips - when the weather warms a little.

    It's a good day today if you own and operate a model train set(s)

  • 08-09-2020 08:37 AM In reply to

    Re: Is Sensible Best?

    Take-off wheelies may not be sensible but they can be fun. But then anything that is fun is illegal these days. You can't even do little swings from side to side down the road when you are feeling happy!

    I still ride up to Pie-in-the-Sky most days. Last weekend I was surprised to meet four members of the Vespa club there, all on two-strokes. Some cold or miserabled mornings I take the car.

    Haven't done anything with the trains for ages, but have been very busy building Meccano models. The Meccano club is holding a meeting late this month, and I have 6 or 7 new models that I would like to take, but I expect all the members are in the same boat and we have to limit ourselves to two or three. Not enough table space, or time to discuss them. Problem is which ones.

    I check on this forum about once a week to see if there is any sign of life. Nice to have someone to chat to. I also can't wait for some warm weather, and to see blossoms and new leaves on the trees. Our winters are very mild, but I still hate them.

    Get some good gloves and get out riding.

    Cheers, Mike



  • 08-11-2020 05:27 PM In reply to

    Re: Is Sensible Best?

    Hi, I was hoping to draw out a response with my 'teaser' comment. Yes, it is nice to have someone to chat to. 

    Been busy winding down the estate of my beloved mother - it's taken longer, being Covid compromised, than I would have expected. I suddenly find myself with free time that I have not experienced in over a decade. But that comes with it's own challenges. Mike, I am mindful you are in a similar position.

    It would be possible to justify little scooter motion swings at the moment, the roads being so pot-holed from the recent heavy rains. Some could easily swallow a Vespa front wheel. When the weather allows I do so enjoy to do a picnic ride: a packed lunch and the book I am currently reading (history of the Aurora Australis). I did go to a mountaineering shop in Kent St. and purchase some great gloves. Their best feature, other than wind block, is that hand dexterity can be maintained, without the bulk associated with many protective gloves.

    The Vespa is a lovely scooter to own. The thing I love about it the most is that it is a traditional step-through scooter, albeit a brisk one. It doesn't pretend to be anything else. If I need to stop for a substantial re-supply shop, the lugguge hook can keep the load centred and down low; brisk and useful. It does want to stretch it's legs though - to get the best from it. So when the weather warms I will undertake a few day trips.

    I have decided to treat myself to another hobby 'keeper' ride. I've placed an order for a new Honda CT 125 - Matte Fresco Brown. It would seem that I have missed, already, any opportunity with the first shipment availability, due early September. I haven't received a firm confirmation for 2nd shipment delivery date. But I am assured they're coming. Their popularity worldwide has me with fingers crossed. Having measured carefully, as I did with the Monkey 125, which is already two years old, they will both fit through the back door of the nursing home.

    Bring on the warmer weather ....... Mark

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