(Piaggio) Windshield repair

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    (Piaggio) Windshield repair

    Happy me went down with the scoot from the front wheel slipping on the wet road... I've done this twice now, which makes me an expert at it.

    There was suprisingly little damage... Some scuffing on the plastic body, and not very bad at that ("that'll just buff right out!"), and my left wrist getting a sprain from the right handlebar contacting the road (from the instinct to grip while falling--which got the left side got moving at 1000mph all of a sudden).. the only real drama was the UV-damaged windscreen deciding it was a good time to have a fracture, and it split up into three parts.

    Now.. the best I can tell, the windscreen on my Piaggio X7 is Polycarbonate-- the best way to plastic weld that that I can see is with Methyl Methacrylate/MMA, which isn't something available easily (i.e: Bunnings) outside of a low-concentration mix found in Loctite 638. It's a hazardous chemical and can't be ordered online, before you say anything; I'd need to track down a specialist plastics trader by the looks of it.

    Alternatively, there's Methyl Ethyl Ketone/MEK, which is easy to get ahold of (PVC cement primer). Is that worth the trouble? (No, I don't care for TTTHHHHEEEE BBBBEEESSSTTTTTT!!!! OMG NO EXPENSE SPAREDDDD!!!! ..this is for a 14 year-old commuter scoot. It just needs to hold up and stop the X7 looking like a Vespa.)

    Something else that's also in the repair plan is /sewing/ the fractures together on top of weld, with some aerospace-spec high-tensile nylon line that I have, for extra strength (this is for a highway windshield..), and giving that a coat of Marine varnish for the water- and UV-proofing.

    Any remarks from those with experience doing DIY windscreen repairs?  (No, not the guy trying to make a guess.)

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