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    Re: Hello From a Scootanut

    Hi Scootmama

    Melbourne was a blast. I started making plans to head back around this time next year before we had even reached the Melb airport. I really want to explore more of the place than we were able to this time around.

    The LG has really woven it's magic on me despite initial reservations. The handling took a little getting used to after having ridden smaller & lighter scooters previously but now I'm very comfortable & appreciative of the difference. I also really love the underseat storage but have put a black makeup bag in there to try & contain the garbage that has found it's way under the seat while still allowing space for the helmet. I wish, I wish, I wish there was a glove box or even a cup holder but there isn't. Still it forces me to stop for a few minutes to have a rest & a drink on longer rides, rather than a quick swig at the lights, so it's probably a good thing. Initally I didn't like the look but that has grown on me too, the photos on the Bowell website don't do it justice at all.

    I'm really struggling with holding onto the dream to buy the Vespa as a weekend ride now. I'm leaning towards sticking to the LG exclusively & using the money to travel, another of my addictions. Sorry Steve Embarrassed

    Today 50 (2,500km), Montego. Fly (2,500km), Le Grande (7,000km), Vespa PX (200km), Vespa GTS250ie (46,000km), now looking at the world through Ruby coloured glasses on a Vespa GTV300ie Vie Della Moda.
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    Re: Hello From a Scootanut

    Thanks, Scootanut, for sharing your photos of your trip to Melbourne.  Being from Tassie, our main forays onto the "big island" are to Melbourne and your shots have certainly managed to capture the essence of the vibrant city life.

    Take care,  Mike

    Riding an 08 Vespa PX 200, and a 2012 Harley Sportster 883 Superlow
    previously big red Audrey an Aprilia Scarabeo 500ie, an Aprilia Scarabeo 200, and originally a Suzuki F50 Step-through
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    Re: Hello From a Scootanut

    Hi Scootanut. I haven't been on Scooter Communit for a while. I've been very busy at home and at work.

    Nice to see you had a great time in Melbourne. Even nicer to see you're back in Perth.


    Ride safely everyone.
    Piaggio X8 250ie
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