Peugeot Ludix Blaster - derestricted

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  • 05-05-2008 12:52 PM

    Peugeot Ludix Blaster - derestricted

    Hi all,

    I had by blaster de-restricted. Took out the variator restrictor plate (mechanic $35), cut off and welded up the excess exhaust pipe ubder the bike.

    I'm 86kgs, it now does 75-85 with me on it depending on the terrain, and off the clock with my wife on it. Not bad for a scooter that wouldn't go faster than 50kmh.

    I now love this scooter and would reccomend tyhe above mods to improve performance. 

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    • Tubsta
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    Re: Peugeot Ludix Blaster - derestricted

     Glad you are now liking your scooter.  As all have said it is one tops scooter, once you release the beast within.

    Long live 50 2-strokes! 

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    Re: Peugeot Ludix Blaster - derestricted

    Glad to hear you've let the beast out. Can you please let us know your 0-50kph time (using a stop watch,or your mobile phone should have one also).Could you also give us your absolute top speed on the flat,with no wind,and no tucking.

    I agree with Tubsta,quality 50cc's are just the best!!!  Enjoy!

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    • napalm
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    Re: Peugeot Ludix Blaster - derestricted


    Hi, whats your blaster like up hills derestricted, will it do 60km/h up an average hill, or does it still accelarate? You thinking of doing any other mods now. Just interested because i'm picking one up this friday. second hand 1300km, black, I can't wait.  I'm doing some seriouse mods to mine i'm saving up 2k and just getting it all done at once.  If you need inspiration check out, 'drag scooters' on you tube, they go very very fast.
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    Re: Peugeot Ludix Blaster - derestricted

    Peugeot Ludix Blaster owners, i have a request.

    It is said,that the Blaster is the fastest (stock) accelerating 50cc on the market,so in order to get a gauge on how good it is, i would greatly appreciate if you could run a 0-50KPH time,and supply us with the honest figure.


    (1) Stock & de-restricted preferred./ Modified accepted aswell,but please state what.

    (2) State your weight

    (3) GPS check your speedo first,so you know the true 50KPH mark,(just incase your speedo is out) ,then stopwatch your     0-50KPH time on the flat,with no wind.

    I look forward to finding out it's time,as i've never seen it documented.....thanks in advance

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    • napalm
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    Re: Peugeot Ludix Blaster - derestricted

    Hi bnz124 my name is andrew and i live on the Goldcoast of Australia I have recorded a 0-60km/h time of 11sec. That is a stock ludix blaster which has only been derestricted at the variator.  I don't think the derestriction at the variator increases the speed to 60 it did however increase my top speed, my scooter will do 80km/h on the flat as recorded by a satnav. that appears as 86km/h on the speedo of the scooter. Moral of the story is a derestricted blaster will happily cruise at the speed limit in an 80 zone as long as it's flat or down hill.  The scooter is great from 0-60 in this standard setup but is a little slower to accelerate from 60-80, especially if there is a head wind.  I am really happy with it concidering it is pretty much stock. Apparantly a gear up kit and a lighter performance exhaust make a noticeable difference to performance, i'm thinking of just bypassing this and getting a 75cc bigbore kit installed with a performance exhaust. I will gear it so that it will still only do about 90km/h top speed but it will be heaps faster to 90. I've got a car so im not interested in top speeds with a scooter, it's all about acceleration to the speed limit for me.   I hope this is of some help to you if you have any other questions re this scooter just let me know?

  • 08-09-2008 06:23 PM In reply to

    Re: Peugeot Ludix Blaster - derestricted

    Hi napalm (andrew),thanks so much for responding with that information,it's much appreciated. Just one thing though,would it be possible to do a 0-50kph run as well? It's just that in the 50cc world it's more commonly used. Also,could you please give us your weight,which is something that should always be considered with 50cc calulations. Anyhow,just when you get around to it,that would be great. Many thanks.

    P.S. Your 0-60kph and top speed are excellent. It sounds like a blast. Enjoy!

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    Re: Peugeot Ludix Blaster - derestricted


    I used to sell quite a lot of the blaster as well until the importer fell over last year. Once that happened, which made the blaster no longer available for us dealers I decided to keep one of these little darlings as they are in no uncertain terms brilliant.

    Ours which is our shop bike and I stress not for sale. Has been modified with the following parts so far.

    Just for shits and giggles

    70cc kit

    carbon reeds

    Tecnigass next chromed pipe

    Pod filter

    Quite a lot of time spent to get this to run just right


    So far the bike has been clocked at 107km/h it did not feel nice at this speed but what a lot of fun getting it there.

    The bike will wheelie straight off the line with the smallest of effort to help it up with plenty of power to keep it there.

    Mods still to come


    19mm carb

    gear up kit.

    Still tossing up whether to stroke it latter on.

    The aim is to see just how far we can push this engine and how long its going to last with this sort of modification. At the moment all it does is our running around the odd letter box run and wheelies out the back. One day I might even grow up J

    2 strokes are just more fun
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