Bolwell VS 125

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  • 06-03-2008 08:46 PM

    Bolwell VS 125

    Hi Everyone, I have recently bought a Bolwell VS 125. I am really happy with it. I just have a few questions about it's performance and to see if anyone else has had similar performance issues. First of all, when I start it in the morning and drive off, without fail it stalls at the first intersection I stop at. Is this normal? Should I let it warm up first? Occasionally as-well, when I first start it up, i have noticed that blue/grey smoke appears from the exhaust. Is this a problem? And also, I occasionally hear the scooter back fire (like pops coming from the exhaust). My friend thinks that this might be caused by using Premium fuel instead of unleaded. The dealership that I bought it from suggested that I could use premium to increase performance. Any comments would be appreciated Thanks
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    Re: Bolwell VS 125

    That doesn't sound right for a 4 stroke, maybe a bit of white out of the exhaust but not blue grey and the back fire?. ill leave it to one of the mechanics to diagnose the reason. The word ive had is to just use the unleaded.
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    Re: Bolwell VS 125


    yes you should let it warm up for a few min!

    unlike efi you will have it stall if its not warm and you ride off on it when its cold and the auto choke cuts out, also you will notice the poor performance when it is cold for a few min till its warm.


    are you sure the smoke isnt condensation?


    i have noticed most scooters backfire a bit when reving high and backing off, but if its excessive get it checked by the dealer..


    i doubt the premium fuel would cause any issues, my mate always runs 98 in his and has no worries, but why not try 2-3 tanks of regular of 95 to see if you notice any difference

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    Re: Bolwell VS 125

    Dr Cards, great choice of scooter. Do as suggested and take the scooter back to the dealer. We can try to give you a heap of answers but at the end of the day the dealer will have to correct anything for you if it is needed. Let us know how you go.


    Regards Adam
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    Re: Bolwell VS 125

    I've had a VS125 since March (great choice of scooter btw :))

    I'm up to 1,945kms so far, and haven't had any of the problems you've mentioned (knock on wood).  I always warm up the engine before riding off, usually 3-5 mins.  It's the time I take to get ready....stow things away under the seat, in the top box, zip up the jacket, put helmet on, put gloves on, walk around, kick the tires, etc etc.  Then off I go.

     Haven't had any smoke either or backfiring.  I've used normal unleaded and premium unleaded...and I haven't really noticed much increase in economy.  It's probably because I ride in peak hour traffic, although I am averaging around 30km/l.

    I'd take it back to the dealer and find out if anything's wrong.

    Good luck.


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