My first scooter

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    Re: My first scooter

    Hi Atticus - I checked the label in the Corazzo Carbone gloves - you'll be happy to know that there is no leather in the construction.

    It looks like they use a leather like vinyl much like the stuff that is used to make waterproof golf gloves.


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    Re: My first scooter

     Thanks Cross,

    Looks like i will be getting me a pair!

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    Re: My first scooter

     they are a nice looking glove. light weight too.

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    Re: My first scooter

    Congratulations!  You're very brave to ride over the Westgate.  I took my first ride EVER over the Westgate on Sunday afternoon (usually I take Footscray Rd), and it scared the bajeezus out of me!

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    Re: My first scooter



    I'm impressed that you rode over that bridge today and found it fun!



    i hope you weren't thinking i was implying the westgate bridge, although i did consider it, i dont think i will make it over there any time soon. plus who would want to when there are longer ways to get places :)

    it was just some large overpass thing. 




    I didn't ride over the westgate bridge, although congratulations to you for doing it. footscray is my route too.

    the bridge i went over was maybe ten meters high at 60kmph. not nearly as badass. sorry for misleading you.

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    Re: My first scooter


    thanks for all you help everyone, i just picked up some corazzo carbon fiber gloves today. haven't worn them out on the fly yet but they feel pretty good just trying them on.
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