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About Paul

Work most time selling scoots at Scooters Scooters store in Fortitude valley in Brisbane Other times I work as a contract Telecommunications Technologist, Installing exchange equipment, writing the configuration and networking data, or just doing the network management. I am NOT a dealer I just work there - Any opinions i express on this forum are mine alone - I am not representing the place I work at, in any way whilst on this forum. I've had heaps of bikes (+40) mainly big bore sports bikes and lots of scoots, I have been racing bikes since 1985 and now race a KTM motard and am pasionate about scooter racing, having raced the Le Minz 24 hour and the 6 hour, and at Lakeside in the current scooter race series. In my spare time I like kicking heads on the forum (dickheads that is) If you get offended by any of my posts or feel you've been insulted by me then it's probably because you posted/said something stupid. I like calling a spade a f*cking shovel and if you act like a dick, talk like a dick then I'll call you a dick. Generally I'm easy going but I have a low tolerance for stupid egotistical people who like to blow their own horn............and i like long walks on the beach at sunset, picnics and horses............blah blah blah bollocks blah.......

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