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  • Re: Scooters - still a popular form of transport ?

    When I started riding back in 1961, scooters were popular because they were a cheap form of transport and had a better image than motorcycles. I cannot be sure, but if you were to take a survey back then, you would have found that most owners of two-wheels used them for transport rather than sport or touring. When Honda first entered the market, ...
  • TMAX 530 Workshop / Service Manual

    Has anyone managed to track down on of these manuals? Coming up to the end of warranty, I prefer to do all the servicing myself, but like to know what I am going to reveal when I start pulling panels off before I pull them off, especially the ones that don't need to be removed.  
  • Re: Ladies Jackets?

    PM not received, try again or email  
  • Re: Ladies Jackets?

    My wife has a BMW Airflow 2 jacket for sale, red & grey, D/A/CH size 40, GB size 14, whatever all that means. If you are able, you could drop by a BMW shop and try one on for size. It has had very little usage, would suit a new buyer, and is offered for $150 plus freight. Wife has retired from the rigours of pillioning behind an overly ...
  • Re: Life to the T MAX!

    Struth - it wasn't there when I took the photo.  
  • Re: Life to the T MAX!

    They appear a good addition to the TMax, I will have to investigate. In the meantime, I have added daytime visibility lights, two strips just below the windscreen and two circular led lights near the axle.
  • Re: Reflections

    Having seen cars run into buses, trucks, motorcycles, bicycle, pedestrians, and even highly visible police cars and motorcycles, and seen reports of cars going straight through T-junctions and into the bush, I'm not sure that anything that I could do to add to my visibilty would make the slightest difference whatsoever. My strategy is simple - ...
  • Re: Yamaha TMax 530 comparison

    Provided that the 09 model is in good condition and you test ride it to your own satisfaction, I would be inclined to go for that over a new model and save the cash for later servicing. My 2013 model now has nearly 5000 kms and I feel that it is still getting better. I would ride it more often except that my BMW F700GS is far better on the dirt ...
  • Re: Can't Post. WTF?

    Now using Google Chrome and if this post appears, then that is the solution. I am having another problem with Internet Explorer on my website - using Google Chrome brings up the latest updated version of the site, but Internet Explorer brings up the previous version. It could be a setting on my computer but I have yet to figure it out.[:'(]
    Posted to Forum Tips Q & A (Forum) by Vampire on 01-10-2015
  • Re: BMW F700GS

    Congratulations on your F700GS, best value all-rounder on the market. I have the GS and a TMax 530 and prefer the scoot around town, although I have toured on it, but the GS is the go for dirt roads and longer trips. I have added a Givi Maxia top box for storage, a taller screen from Wunderlich, crash bars from Puig, vario handlebar risers from ...
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