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  • Re: 2015 PCX150

    [quote user="Rod Fountain"]Richard --enjoy it for now until like everyone else you trade it for a bigger faster scooter[/quote]   That is the extra $$ spent on CTP, rego and insurance is worth it. If I move up to a 400cc scooter, I'd be using the same amount of fuel as my car. Although I have capacity envy, I enjoy pottering ...
  • Re: Scooter sales down for 2014

    Exactly. Petrol is so cheap that people who are into 2 wheels would put speed/power well ahead of practicality. Also used scooters get passed in for next to nothing which unlike say an entry CB400 (or even a basic CB125E) can hold their price way better than any scooter can. Looking at bikesales for scooters, you can see some scooters just ...
  • Re: What to buy

    [quote user="Melben"] Not sure Pyrah, I guess that's the question I'm asking ( I would class my knowledge at less then zero ). ive been quoted $3290 ride awat for the Dio and he said his best would be $3200 and I can get a Fly for $3500 rideaway. So is the Fly worth an extra $300 ?? [/quote]   What I find with the Dio ...
    Posted to What to buy? Where to start (Forum) by SmellyTofu on 12-27-2014

    Woo! New packaging. Mine came in a grey bottle and was like $26/L. Absolute rip off and they (Sydney City Motorcycle) never had them in stock for 3 years which goes to show they weren't using the genuine oils during the service. Anyway, I've moved onto Mobil 1 5W-30 car oil for my changes. It's as expensive but it's what goes into ...
    Posted to Sell a Scooter Part/Accessory (Forum) by SmellyTofu on 12-21-2014
  • Re: Suzuki Burgman 200

    Another observation I've noticed is that the front axle is located on the rear side of the shocks thereby having a the trail .. go backwards??!! It's also the same on the Honda Forza. Doesn't it do some weird stuff to the handling??
  • Re: Suzuki Burgman 200

    Just had a sit on the junior burger and I didn't like the seating position. The handlebars were positioned too high making me sit like a praying mantis, foot position cramped (for a short ar$e 5'9") and the pillion section too wide to be able to lane split easily. Pity as I was looking forward to at least have it on my consideration ...
  • Re: scooter power

    The kickstand actually cuts the engine and you need to start it with the starter button.
  • Re: Big bore kit - how to make it legal in NSW

    All well and good but until there's a collision, insurance would most likely be void and it's not a problem I'd want to have should the unfortunate happen. Like a car with an engine conversion, just not sure if the engineers would ask for a brake upgrades with the added power. Oh well, guess it might be a dream and the only way for ...
    Posted to Ask An Expert (Forum) by SmellyTofu on 12-05-2014
  • Big bore kit - how to make it legal in NSW

    Just want to find out what the process is to make a bike with a big bore kit legal in NSW. I'm thinking of going from 125cc on the PCX to 184cc and that'll need an engineer's certificate but what else? Will insurance be a pain in the ...? 
    Posted to Ask An Expert (Forum) by SmellyTofu on 12-04-2014
  • Re: Suzuki Burgman 200

    Just walk away. If a dealer can't be honest about even CTP, then what other things are they aren't telling you? I'm sure there are plenty of dealers willing to sell a Burgerman honestly.
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