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  • Re: Road Rage

    I generally do the same as others. I scope out the type of car and don't do it if they look like hoons. I also avoid P plates. I have been caught napping 2 or 3 times when for no good reason someone decides that they have to gun you down by going flat stick off the lights. I really wonder what goes through people's heads sometimes. 
  • Re: Road rage on a scoot.

    I think we need to strike back and let motorists know that you can't mess with scooters. From now on I'm going to let fly at every opportunity for every single thing I see...... No blinker $&$)?$@&£££%#!.  Sleep at a green light. WAKE UP YOU $&$@$$$!. I'll take it to a level where fists fly...... ...
  • Re: Road rage on a scoot.

    Hi, I think some people see scooters as soft targets only just above bicycles. The ferals are stuck in traffic in the heat so they take it out on a scooter. when I'm in a car I don't give 2 hoots if bikes come to the front at lights because you know in 5sec they are gone and probably never seen again.  I guess there are all sorts of ...
  • Re: Road rage on a scoot.

    That is for sure the best way to handle it. The trouble is I run through options in my head for about 3or 4 nights. Maybe others just let it go and move on. For me it eats away. It's insane to think that that guy was ready to punch on over road rules etc. there are nutters every where I guess  that was just my meeting with one of many. ...
  • Road rage on a scoot.

    Hi everyone. I'll start this thread by stating that I'm not a UFC fighter or a perfect scooterist. Sometimes in Sydney I split lanes, duck and weave and break road rules in the name of " I'm on a scoot and if the cops catch me then so be it".  On Friday last I made a very normal split between some truck and another that ...
  • Re: Lovely paint job, but...

    I see the other gloss black and they don't look that pristine. I keep my Matt black covered when not in use and avoid crowded bike parking where scrapes are waiting. Wash and polish about once a month. 
    Posted to Ask An Expert (Forum) by Brett1111 on 09-04-2013
  • Re: Crazy car drivers?

    I saw a biker in colors last week on the M4 just drifting up on people and splitting lanes at about 90kph. I pity any poor sod that hit him or cut him off. You'd have to leave Australia if you hit him.
  • Re: Crazy car drivers?

    Could be that they are just having a bad hour? I think these type see scooters as a soft target. If I had a beard and a Harley I wonder would they try it on?
  • Crazy car drivers?

    A few times now I've had people at lights just flatten it even if the next lights are 40 m away. They are just hell bent on not letting the scoot through. Are there people who just drive that way every time ? Or do they just hate scooters or bikes in general? How many other scooterists cop this? For me when I'm in a car I just let bikes go ...
  • Re: new vespa, shakey over 90 klms. is that normal

    Hi, I'd be heading back to the seller ASAP. I had the fly 150 straight off the floor and the 300. Both were very stable from day 1. I blasted the 150 from day 1 with no hint of vibration or instability going flat out. No good hoping it will go away or sort  it's self out. Start stomping your feet.. Good luck.
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