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  • Re: Scooter Accident -- Advice Appreciated

    Hi guys, I don't have much to update, unfortunately. I visited my GP as planned, no dramas there. Now five days after the accident only my knee remains somewhat sore. I went for my first bicycle ride since the accident this morning and could certainly "feel" my knee, but no functional impairment.  I wasn't wearing proper ...
  • Re: Scooter Accident -- Advice Appreciated

    Thanks for your replies. If I could afford insurance I wouldn't be riding a 125cc scooter! I made a Vehicle Collision Report at the police station in Adelaide. This consisted of a person at the front desk scribbling details on a blank piece of paper. I don't know if that's the usual procedure or just a Sunday afternoon special, but in ...
  • Scooter Accident -- Advice Appreciated

    Today (EDIT: Yesterday!) I was involved in an an accident with another vehicle. I was travelling north at 60km/h along a four lane road (two lanes each direction). The other vehicle, a four-wheel drive, entered the intersection from the east (i.e. from the far side of the road from my perspective), travelling west to the corresponding ...
  • Re: This Forum needs a good Tidy up

    Agree that the forum needs a tidy-up. In fact it needs restructuring/downsizing. The number of sub-forums is ridiculous given the low level of traffic. Should be consolidated into a half-dozen at the very most.
  • Rhok Motorcycle Jeans Sz 34 (As New)

    Hi guys, I am selling a pair of Sz 34 BLUE Rhok GEN3 Motorcycle jeans, as described and sold here: The jeans are in as-new condition including tags still attached! The reason is because I bought two pairs ages ago, but never ...
    Posted to Sell a Scooter Part/Accessory (Forum) by Lethe on 08-09-2014

    Hello Kitty scooter courtesy of M13:
    Posted to Multimedia (Forum) by Lethe on 09-17-2013
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