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  • Re: Italjet dragster Wanted.

    Pyrah, Thank you very much for that link, Ive contacted them to get more details , but if there&#39;s any more available I&#39;d buy one for my son as well. Ive been trawling the net for about a year, why I couldn&#39;t find that one is beyond me ! &nbsp;You&#39;re a good man to help me out, thanks !!
    Posted to Sell Your Scooter (Forum) by Surffoils on 07-28-2014
  • Italjet dragster Wanted.

    I know I&#39;m buying not selling but someone selling is more likely to look here if they&#39;re selling ! I&#39;m cashed up and looking for either an 180 or 125 Australia wide, but it has to be in good condition. The best condition is worth buying. email me or call on 0416804168 &nbsp;/ thanks, Brett in Sydney.
    Posted to Sell Your Scooter (Forum) by Surffoils on 07-28-2014
  • 303 Protectant.

    &nbsp; The best product (if you listen to the guys who are restoring and maintaining old Porsches) is called Aeorspace Protectant by a company called 303, in Australia i get it from Auto 1 stores. its about $25 but its way better than Armourall or any of the others. Well thats what&nbsp; the Porsche guys say. &nbsp;I use it on my mint ...
  • Re: Attempted theft.... now I've got a wanderer.

    I live close to a pub and Ive found that if drunk people (assholes) can see something to damage/ steal/ piss on, then they will, because they are wonderful, caring gods of SH I T. &nbsp;But if you can hide your chattels, then they will go forward and damage something else. &nbsp;
  • Re: Attempted theft.... now I've got a wanderer.

    &nbsp; ive had similar problems and the choice is to hide it or leave it visible... If people can see something, then they think to steal it, but if you can hide it, they don&#39;t entertain the idea. &nbsp;I built a small wooden ramp and drive my scooter in thru the front door each night. Its a small pain to avoid a bigger misery. So first ...
  • Re: NH 80 cc Honda Lead.

    Got a Blue slip from Berrimans at Brookvale, insurance from NRMA at Warringah Mall. (yeah I know I can get it cheaper elsewhere !), and the rego at the Manly RMS, it was a bloody &nbsp;mess getting it all sorted because its such an old scooter and kinda rare....But it&#39;s done now !! &nbsp;Service booked in this Monday coming,not a lot ...
  • Re: Honda Lead 1986????

    I just picked up an NH 80 for $150, it was initially registered in 1990 but I think it was a model from a few years earlier. &nbsp;It apparently has done few kms as the rubber foot mats are perfect, the speedo says 2500 kms and it&#39;s been out of rego since 1991. gave it some synthetic oil, hi Ron ulp and a blue slip, green slip and its reddy ...
  • Where does the label "Maxi" begin ?

    Does a scooter become a Maxi because it can carry two people ? Or is it determined by the engine size ? Or is it a matter of physical length ? Or something else ? &nbsp;Thanks, Brett.
  • NH 80 cc Honda Lead.

    I just bought a 1990 ? Honda Lead NH 80 cc, it was an elderly gentlemans purchase back in 1991 but he hasn&#39;t ridden it since then so it&#39;s almost new. &nbsp;It&#39;s out of rego by 24 years and will need a bit of paperwork to get it on the road again.&nbsp; &nbsp;Can anyone advise me of the steps needed to get it on the road legally in ...
  • Re: Best Maxi Scooter

    [quote user=&quot;russellm&quot;] Sorry you had that experience, Kevin. Being ignored by sales people when you make an effort to explore their product is pretty alienating. I had similar experiences when I went to explore the Maxsym. Travelled 450 kms (900 round trip) on two occasions having phoned before hand to indicate my probable arrival ...
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