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  • Re: Air in cooling system when filling up?

    There is an air bleed valve at the thermostat cover.  Careful to be sure it's not leaking.....had to replaced mine with updated version. Gps imports part number  A0514 B018147  Otherwise, methodically check each connection one-by-one to make sure they dribble.  Kind regards,  Mick  
    Posted to Talk technical about scooters (Forum) by GP1er on 12-17-2020
  • recent ABC News article pasted idea if the formatting is ok These scooter riders are happy to stay in the slow lane PHOTO: The scooter club has 30 keen riders who head off on a Sunday each month. (Supplied: Sharon Heritage) RELATED ...
    Posted to Multimedia (Forum) by GP1er on 07-22-2019
  • 6 crazy Vespa concepts

    More at Kind regards, Mick
  • Re: Wet/cold weather Gear

    I just came across this article "We are not advising you wear hi-vis clothes as these can actually dazzle and transfix drivers’ attention. However, a bit of reflective 3M tape and stitched items on your gear and your bike will draw a bit of extra attention." So it seems too much glare aint good  from ...
  • Re: 2T for the TT

    Cool, thankyou.  I'll check it out sometime.  Need a rest for now. Nice eye candy pics...thinks those Monster gals were saying, "What do we have to do to get some attention round here???....They're only interested in bikes!"   Kind regards, Mick  
  • Re: 2T for the TT

    Hi there,   Hope you're cruising well & happy.   I've got some 2016 IOMTT pics to share.  I couldn't really get Google Drive to work for here    So I've just links to 2 pics that might showup & be of interest.  The rest of the pics will be in the GD folder for you to see. ...
  • Re: Wet/cold weather Gear

    Hi Martindemo, I'm with you re the jacket.  I bought a sturdy tradies flouro rain jacket, & flouro rain pants with sealed seams.from an opshop. I've tested them to 100kph in "real" rain.  Seems no problems although I've yet to try prolonged riding in the rain. Yet to find a pair of rubber gloves big ...
  • Re: Life to the T MAX!

    Good to hear you're ok HB.  ATGATT yes. Wow Pyrah, that's quite a pic of that naked bike.  Yum!  On that bike I'd go for a few cree LED light bars, one of them pointing dipped properly downards, & the other(s) for high beam = awesome!   Kind regards, Mick
  • Re: 2T for the TT

    I'm hoping to get a serous close-up perve on it, in the pits My favourite pit perves from last year are the Kawasaki H2R, a unclothed e-race bike, & naked sidecar.  Other than that, plenty of eye candy on the roads ...
  • Re: Motorbike gear Specials

    Thanks for the heads up. I'm very happy with the helmet I bought over 6 months ago. I hope to get, boots, backpack & gloves, this time   Kind regards, Mick
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