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  • Re: The last post

    Pyrah the site certainly seems to have paused some what? I was passing and thought I'd look in,  seeing the maxsym is being serviced. every time I ride that thing I get off with a smile on my face. Something that cannot be said for the others in the stable. Cheers Rev
    Posted to Chat off topic here (Forum) by Scooter rev on 01-06-2020
  • Re: Life to the T MAX!

    There was a very nice looking (black) Tmax on the Yamaha stand at the show on Fri. Then again the Aprilia 850 looked the goods. Everything I read on the Aprilia indicates it doesn't tick all the boxes? I can't for the life of me see why. Similar size to the Burger and it sure as hell has more grunt. That manna engine is an absolute ...
  • Re: Dressed up R Nine-T

    Hi All!  In a parallel universe (forum) having to do with Adventure Riding. I note a number of people talking about, Triumph's new "Ambassador at large" one, Charles Boorman, aka. Charlie Boorman???? I reckon, if it is true? Triumph has thrown a ship load of moolah to coax him out of Barveria.   Cheers rev
  • Re: no jackets

    Jax Are you on stand 18 (GRO)? If not I'll find Mo and say hello. We should try and embarrass Eccles to turn up for a coffee! Trouble is he's had the GT for nearly 12 months he'd be lucky to get out with out something new See you Fri. Cheers rev
  • Re: no jackets

    Jax. thank you! It appears they only make the Fresco these days? It is red in colour though. I'm planning on getting to the Sydney mc show next Fri. So I'll have a look around there. Cheers rev
  • Re: no jackets

    Jax. A point well made. In our user pays society, insurance companies will do what they can to mitigate against loss? Not only are they paying attention to the use of certified protective clothing but some are taking a particular interest in modifications. Anything they can find to lever their point and reduce their liability they will use. On ...
  • Re: Sydney "Coz We Can" - Sunday 1st Nov: Oxley Hwy and Waterfall Way

    Pete. Go for it! I attended the postie bike Grand Prix at Cessnock 2 weeks ago What a day. Standard engine, suspension, exhaust. Sticky tyres allowed What a day Cornering so hard that pegs and subframe are scrapeing There is something about a postie being ridden in full race leathers cheers rev
    Posted to Club and Ride Events (Forum) by Scooter rev on 11-12-2015
  • Re: Sydney We Ride Coz We Can: (X-1)

    Welcome ozboater. So! How good is that? The formula is X-1. This could set a precident and if it was the law, there would be no need to sell the the C50 Boulivard or the F650GS? (Disregarding the lack of space) By the way, where's that law written? A simple reference in Our house will not suffice. Chapter and verse will be required, along ...
    Posted to Club and Ride Events (Forum) by Scooter rev on 10-15-2015
  • Re: no jackets

    Martindemo. Hi mate, Pete has put me on to a company called Matadore. They produce a jacket called "Fresco" that looks very interesting. I'd like to see it in the flesh, so to speak? The other is the Ixon Taiga Air. Both I'd like to see and try on prior to purchase. I'm still looking, so if anybody has any ...
  • Re: Dressed up R Nine-T

    OMG! That has got to be the closest thing to bike porn I've ever seen? Eccles you're are going to have to stop this or I'll go blind! Feel free to ignor me. Cheers Rev
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