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  • Re: Back to scooters with a Burgman

    Congrats on your Burgman purchase Aardvark. The AN650 is just as relevant today as it was 15 years ago on its release. It brought competition and changes in the world of maxi scooters. Suzuki builds strong solid machinery. Sure they are not for everyone, but those who buy them ride them with pride and confidence. 12 years of ownership without a ...
  • Re: Gloves for the trendoids

    I tend to be practical more so than a trendoid these days. I find that most road riders overlook wearing dirt bike gloves on their scoots. Dirt bike gloves did I hear you say ! Yep, dirt bike gloves!! In the warmer months you just can't beat them. Firstly most brands ventilate extremely well, a great feature I believe. Check this when ...
  • Re: Motobatt

    I don't hold Mottobat in high regard from personal experience, i have had 2 in a row that failed at about 18 months old mark which i find annoying. My shop of choice stocks these mediocre batteries as he gets them at the right price, also he can reduce his stock inventory because of the terminal configurations. But as a consumer I expect more ...
  • Re: cornering problem

    I guess with the benefit of hind sight the spacy was a product of its time. Maxi scooters are now high tech by comparison to the older rockets, you just can't expect too much from them. Sometimes you just have to appreciate them for what they are, and there is a wise quote, "beauty is in the eye of the beer holder".  Everyone ...
  • Re: cornering problem

    I seem to remember buying a well used spacy some 10yrs ago. I remember it was like riding a pogo stick on uneven surfaces. I wasn't in love with it it enough to sort it out so I sold it for a nice profit, then i loved it.
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