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  • Re: 2006 Honda Lead 100

    Could be a worn belt or other minor things(worn roller weights/setup for lighter rider). Slip the cover off and measure the belt width - a new belt is 18.3mm wide. Note the 100cc Leads aren't the fastest things around. I used to get 80km/hr out of mine on the flat no wind (90kg)
  • New to scooters

    Hi guys, ive had my full bike licence for 6 years now-SA(i  own various road/dirt bikes from 100cc to 1100cc 2 stroke and 4 strokes)and to try and get the missus into riding i bought her a second hand 49cc scoot. Long story short shes taken it around the block a few times, now i found myself taking it to the shops,mates places nearby etc etc ...
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