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  • Re: On any Sunday

    Hi Mike - just come back to me and confirm that you are ok - Mark
  • On any Sunday

    I&#39;m thinking that If you ventured out last Sunday on your favourite ride that you would have encountered nearly every other registered motorcycle/scooter in Sydney. I packed a picnic lunch, as planned, then left early on The GTS hpe for the Royal National Park - then down to Thirroul. I was completely overwhelmed by the number of bikes ...
  • Re: Is Sensible Best?

    Hi, I was hoping to draw out a response with my &#39;teaser&#39; comment. Yes, it is nice to have someone to chat to.&nbsp; Been busy winding down the estate of my beloved mother - it&#39;s taken longer, being Covid compromised, than I would have expected. I suddenly find myself with free time that I have not experienced in over a decade. But ...
  • Is Sensible Best?

    Developing a Vespa GTS to do wheel stands at launch can&#39;t be considered sensible. Can it? But it might be considered the - best - with what can be achieved from this 300 powerplant. So, a conundrum exists. Now that I have grabbed your attention: it was time for a new thread. The cold weather restricts my two wheels activities. Yep, I can ...
  • Re: Reflector colour

    When I was a kid I had about 7 different reflectors on my rear bicycle mudflap. It was the rage. But I don&#39;t think this helps your situation
    Posted to Talk technical about scooters (Forum) by aspro boy on 06-12-2020
  • Re: Reflector colour

    Just look at a newly delivered scooter in your state. Chances are it is delivered with current legal requirements
    Posted to Talk technical about scooters (Forum) by aspro boy on 06-10-2020
  • Re: Sensible is best

    Thanks for this, Mike. I am looking forward to an opportunity to catch-up with you; and others. On the topic of colour availability I&#39;m with you. I like the solid colours - the matte colours aren&#39;t really my thing. I&#39;d been focusing on white for this reason, but when I first saw a picture of the gloss grey I was immediately sold. I ...
  • Re: Sensible is best

    .... 10 minutes! To take in all that! That&#39;s like international tourists who depart from Melbourne and want to see, and expererience, the east coast of Australia - ending in Port Douglas - all in a 7 day holiday. I looked at the SVC web page, but no announcements for a weekend ride. I bumped Toby, if I remember his name correctly, and his ...
  • Re: Sensible is best

    I had a computer security issue that was, or seemed to be a result of a supplier administrative error. I just went silent through this period until resolved.&nbsp; My Vespa dealer informed me the other day that the HPE Supersports is just about to arrive; as are some racing sixties variants. I&#39;ll post when I see them, so you can have a look ...
  • Re: Sensible is best

    They ride better when detailed and spoilt. I wiped over and placed at the back of my garage last Thursday the HPE. But yesterday afternoon I brought it to the starting grid; the weather looked set to be ideal for two wheeling.&nbsp; Mid morning today I took a scenic route to La Perouse, then decided (although I was prepared) to swing round the bay ...
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