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  • Re: Xmax 300

    Hey tonyr, don&#39;t forget to post some comparisons for the Xmax 300 and your Kymco Downtown and Xrosstown scooters. Also, thank for the kick along by way of your example to try a few different scooters, whilst time and ability allow. Like you i will be looking at the 2018 Honda Forza 300 if they arrive on our shores. Also, I have not let go of ...
  • Re: Xmax 300

    It would appear that Honda win the quality stakes. This was apparent to me at the SMS at Darling Harbour when I alternated between the PCX 150 and the Nmax 155. The Honda jumped out. This is true for my little Dio also. Honda have gained some mastery over the plastics which present as, well, less plastic, comparatively. I love the quality of the ...
  • Re: Yamaha Tricity 155 - Owner Review

    .... @ 250 ks: I am enjoying this scooter more as the ks build. Independant of the unique physical properties of this scoot I am enjoying a ride with greater road presence and increased power (a mini maxi). That should be stated. * the seat is hard, but I&#39;m possibly not the ideal person to critic seat comfort - * Good room in the footwell ...
  • Yamaha Tricity 155 - Owner Review

    Although it is far too early to call, there are some initial observations that can be noted. Although this is not a scooter that might tickle the tastes of many, I choose to believe that most enthusiasts aren&#39;t at least a tad interested in some of the R&amp;D properties invested with this design.&nbsp; Rating so far: 8.65/10 -- Marked down ...
  • Re: Xmax 300

    ... oh, the 2018 Forza 300 does look good. And the 2018 PCX 150 is also and improvement on the previous model. Up from 10kw to 10.8kw. That must be the same Euro 4 powerplant as found in the latest SH 150.
  • Re: Xmax 300

    Glad that you are enjoying the Max 300 Tony. Should be settled at 3k I would think. A lighter weight than your previous two rides, it should be mare manageable. Weight is always a consideration for me, now. Is stepping through the scooter an easy thing to do?
  • First Quarter Scooter Sales - up 2.9%

    Scooters sales bucked the trend to improve their market share. Piaggio back at N0#1 with their Fly 150. Also, Yamaha scooter sales up 103%. A good thing for the competition that brings. You are an improved statistic, Tonyr. The little Honda CB 125E has romped away with great sales figures. No, it&#39;s not a scooter.
  • Re: Yamaha Tricity 155 - a story

    A new Yamaha Tricity 155 sits in my garage. With only 45k, now, on the clock it is far too early to call a review. But some things are immediately identifable. When I have the time ....
  • Re: Yamaha Tricity 155 - a story

    I&#39;m hoping to take delivery of a new Tricity 155 this week. Should be interesting as I have not even test ridden one. I know the back streets around where the dealer is situated (Kogarah), so will head down to Sandringham where the streets are wide and relatively quiet for some practice before swinging for home. The whole thing is a punt ... ...
  • Re: Buying a new scooter

    Thanks for taking the time for this response INMA. The considered purchase would be just on 18 months from date of manufacture. It contravenes everything my experience has taught me about being a two calendar year old vehicle at purchase. Add to that is the belief that the Tricity will not hold its value irrespective of the fact that it will be a ...
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