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  • Re: Xmax 300

    I understand that the 2018 Forza 300 utilizes the proven SH300 power plant, re-tuned for longivity of service. The re-tune possibly has something to do with Euro 4 compliance also. I read that this engine was the first of their smaller capacity engines to undergo Euro 4 development. It is down in hp from the original SH300, which ran 27hp to be ...
  • Re: Xmax 300

    Thanks for the post. It&#39;s great to hear the views and opinions of others. The Honda product finish, imo, is always a cut above the competition. When I view the Xmax, in the street or on the road, the first thing that jumps out at me is a hectre of plastic. I have the same sense with my Tricity 155. Even my humble Dio was refined ...
  • 2018 Honda Monkey 125 - - Puppy Love

    I take liberty, as did Scooterlab, to post about the new Honda Monkey 125 on a scooter forum site. I can&#39;t explain myself as to why I moved hastily toward such a purchase, believing my motorbike days belonged to another life; I&#39;m a scooter guy now I happily remind myself. But the ergonomics, the fit and finish, the overall quality, with ...
  • Re: Xmax 300

    Thanks, Tony. Your sentiment is possibly a reflection of how happy you are with the Xmax 300. The dealer texted me early last week to inform me he had just recieved the 2018 Forza as stock. He followed-up by offering me a test ride. I will go across, when I can make the time, to sit on and tire kick this new scooter. I only have 1400k on the ...
  • Re: honda ctx700d vs. nc700 vs. dn-01

    Congratulations. I do see the odd example around whilst cycling through the city and inner metro areas. That&#39;s some distance from your top of the short list Tricity 155 consideration. But it is a Honda, so I get it. In the meantime, whilst waiting to view and test ride the latest Foza 300 (or a GTS 300) i just went out and threw a curve ball ...
  • Re: Vespa GTS 300 Sport vs everything else in this class

    Yep, I don&#39;t disagree. And there is also the opportunity to belong to the Vespa community, which is not lost on me. I&#39;d happily do some back roads touring on a GTS 300.
  • Vespa GTS 300 Sport vs everything else in this class

    I can&#39;t remember when the Vespa GTS 300 last went on sale, if ever. This 300 class is heating up, with new arrivals expected to our shores. I&#39;m not sure that you can make a direct GTS 300 comparison, being somewhat in a class of one. But with the Xmax 300, the latest incarnation of the Honda Forza 300, plus the new BMW 400X, not mention ...
  • Re: Xmax 300

    Tony, thank you for your detailed reply. I will come back to you with a response. What adds credence, for me, to your evaluations is your willingness, pleasure in experiencing back-to-back purchases in this category in an attempt to &#39;squeeze the lemon&#39; of scootering experience. I admire this. Now, something for you to wrestle with: I have ...
  • 2019 Honda PCX 150

    I see Honda Australia have now posted this model on their home web page. Considerable upgrades over the previous model, which ran consecutively for about five years. Front ABS only, with rear drum brake similar to the small body Vespa 150 iget
  • Re: honda ctx700d vs. nc700 vs. dn-01

    Interesting thread. Has me reviewing these bikes, just for their differnce
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