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  • Recalls

    I&#39;m amazed how many different rides are subject to recalls. A batch of early Medley 150s were recalled for suspected possible frame cracking. I see there is a recall, now, on the Burgman 200 and the Address scooters. There is information on the web that informs the 2018 Forza 300 can suffer from serious steering wobbles. Reviews have ...
  • BMW C400X

    Would anyone here consider buying this scooter - or the GT version? I really have a strong inclination towards the X, with a GT screen fitted. I&#39;ve been out and sat on one, but am to organize a test ride. After Christmas, when the traffic has thinned. The downside is the weight @204kg and the limited underseat storage. And then there&#39;s ...
  • Re: 2018 Honda Monkey 125 - - Puppy Love

    Honda Monkey 125 @ 12 months and 2.5k: The truth be told that the night prior to taking delivery of a banana yellow Monkey I started to question my sanity; it&#39;s too small, how will I use this little bike, if much at all? Yellow? But this has proved to be a fabulous little bike that has won me over. It is very useful for the general area in ...
  • Re: Taking a battery-ing

    Talking batteries I purchased a ctek 0.8amp 6 step charger for both the Tricity 155 and Monkey 125. I acquired an additional battery connector saddle so that the charging can be swapped between bikes, as required, without removing their batteries. But I&#39;m wondering If it would be preferable to remove the batteries whilst chargeing? Also, the ...
  • Honda ADV 150

    I heard that following on the success of the Honda Monkey 125, and Cub 125, Honda is introducing their ADV 150 in the first half of next year. Something different .....&nbsp;
  • Re: Vespa GTS 300 HPE

    I have just sighted the new GTS300S at Racecourse Motors today. It appears as the same livery to the expected HPE, due later this year, but with current 278 engine. I must say it looks fabulous, right down to the wheels, which are also of new design. I wanted to go home with a white unit, although this sounds bland. Such is the small design ...
  • Re: Vespa GTS 300 HPE

    Mike, I follow your Vespa thread with keen interest. I wish I had the ability, and workshop, to craft for myself a bespoke Vespa. I do not. The GT 200 belt has me intrigued.
  • Re: Commuter protective Jacket

    &#39;I&#39;ve just bought my second one&#39; - wow. I have you to thank Tony for my shuffling though a few scooters over recent years; a philosophy that recognizes that time waits for no man.. I&#39;m thinking that you might have purchased the latest livery colour, matte silver, but more importantly that the build date is more recent than the ...
  • Re: Vespa GTS 300 HPE

    Thanks for picking up this thread, Mike. And yes, I agree, the transmission improvement is of interest. Can make a ton of difference to the enjoyment of the ride. Euro 5 is just around the corner, so I understand that some manufactures are already designing to incorporate this next phase. Please do keep us posted with your upgrades. I have given ...
  • Vespa GTS 300 HPE

    The early reviews on this scooter are favourable; without a bigger motor, the scooter that 300 enthusiasts have been waiting for.&nbsp; Will it outperform your 300, Mike? As an enthusiast, are you tempted to trade up?
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