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  • Re: Yamaha Tricity 155 - Owner Review

    Tricity155 @ 2 years and 5500klms. Again, not big numbers. The scooter is still very pleasing to ride - having &#39;softened&#39; somewhat. Engine performance is good for the territory through which I mostly ride - and anywhere with 80kph zones also. But not too hilly. I do think to treat myself with a replacement ride, while i still can, but ...
  • Re: Engine Management Warning Light

    I so appreciate this response, Tony. I could&#39;t remember exactly the sequence of your trials, but remembered you mentioning the &#39;check-engine&#39; light issue. I removed as many covers as would allow me to make critical determinations - nothing but 100% to be seen. Everything clean also - no deposits.The scoot is kept immaculate, garaged, ...
  • Re: Rode a Piaggio X7 from Newcastle to Adelaide and back

    Impressive -- thanks for sharing. And with such detail
  • Re: Adiva AD3 400

    I hadn&#39;t know anything about this unit, until now --- interesting
  • Engine Management Warning Light

    Tony, did I recall the engine management warning light was an unresolved issue on your Yamaha? Was your recent battery failure connected to this issue in any way - meaning the light was a pre-warning?&nbsp; My Tricity155, @ 5000ks, suddenly has the permanent display of the engine management warning light. The vitals all seem good, but I will ...
  • Re: Happy Christmas

    Thank you for your Christmas and Season best wishes. The sentiment is returned in full. Be safe. And I hope continued contribution to this site, where you can, will be part of your 2020 happenings.&nbsp; Regards, Mark
  • Re: 2020 Yamaha Tricity 300

    I&#39;ve always admired your willingness to give something else a try, Tony. I have read, and been confronted with, the question of - why? If you have to ask the question, then your comprehension of physics, or experience, relating to biking is limited. It doesn&#39;t render the traditional format obsolete in the absolute sense, but offers ...
  • Re: 2020 Yamaha Tricity 300

    ....&#39;BUT&#39;.... ?&nbsp; There&#39;s been some professional comment about how big this unit appears. And what would be the weight. Having owned a Tricity 155 for nearly two years I can relate to early industry reviews that identify this configuration as ...&#39;intelligent design&#39;. I drool over other rides, but that&#39;s my way being ...
  • Recalls

    I&#39;m amazed how many different rides are subject to recalls. A batch of early Medley 150s were recalled for suspected possible frame cracking. I see there is a recall, now, on the Burgman 200 and the Address scooters. There is information on the web that informs the 2018 Forza 300 can suffer from serious steering wobbles. Reviews have ...
  • BMW C400X

    Would anyone here consider buying this scooter - or the GT version? I really have a strong inclination towards the X, with a GT screen fitted. I&#39;ve been out and sat on one, but am to organize a test ride. After Christmas, when the traffic has thinned. The downside is the weight @204kg and the limited underseat storage. And then there&#39;s ...
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