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  • Re: Honda Dio vs Suzuki Address

    No helmets back then. Can you believe it. &nbsp;
  • Re: Honda Dio vs Suzuki Address

    Do I what! Coincidentally, that is where it all started with me. The year would be 1968.&nbsp;A red Bridgestone 100&nbsp;was my ride. It was small enough to hide up the disused side of the house so that nobody (family)&nbsp;new I had it. I clearly remember my first foray into traffic on Parramatta Rd. Still. Thanks for the memories &nbsp;
  • Re: Honda Dio vs Suzuki Address

    It is the Suzuki Address that is the cheapest of the two. Possibly&nbsp;maintaining an introductory price to ensure product exposure. Thanks for the heads up on the Yammy, but it just does not rock my boat. Actually the new Honda PCX 150 has the goods, except for valve inspection intervals, but&nbsp;I run hot then cold on the styling. &nbsp;
  • Re: Honda Dio vs Suzuki Address

    I should have added the fact that I&nbsp;weight in at&nbsp;only 70kg, an important factor in this class of scoot me thinks. &nbsp;
  • Honda Dio vs Suzuki Address

    Please indulge me this post. This is an inevitable question buyers would ask when considering a machine in this category. I hope that those who have reviewed or owned&nbsp;either are bold enough to supply open comparison. The 108cc Dio is stated as adequate for someone hunting in the 125cc class. Further claims have stated that the 113cc Address ...
  • Re: Yamaha Tricity 155

    This is interesting news. Since my last post, I have struggled to make a decision for a replacement scooter. Finding it soooo hard to nail it down to one. I will try to contact Yamaha Australia to see if they are committing to this new model, which I believe has more real world application for Aus. cities and their limits. Looks edgier with the ...
    Posted to 51cc to 125cc Reviews (Forum) by aspro boy on 04-06-2016
  • Re: Yamaha Tricity MW125

    We seem to be a traditional lot. I ride pushies also, have done for a long time. To maintain interest, I started to collect for inclusion&nbsp;a few capable small wheel bikes about 10 years ago&nbsp;(the scooters of the pushies world). Wherever I go, they are much admired; Cannondale Hooligan 9, Moulton TSR 9, S Type Brompton 6 Speed ....&nbsp;I ...
    Posted to 51cc to 125cc Reviews (Forum) by aspro boy on 03-24-2015
  • Re: Honda Dio 110 - is this for me

    I am grateful for the reply. Looking is fun, making a choice is not easy as it comes at the expense of eliminating others. Being a hobby scoot only allows for no fixed commuter criteria within the decision making. This scoot will come at the end of a long&nbsp; list of motorbikes and a few scooters over many years. But interestingly, I have ...
    Posted to 51cc to 125cc Reviews (Forum) by aspro boy on 03-20-2015
  • Re: Honda Ruckus? Australia

    Thanks for kicking a goal for the older folk Rod. I find myself now reflecting what my late father would say to me later in his life, &#39; I&#39;m a young man trapped in an old mans body&#39;. Hmm. Going through this myself. Looking at replacing a scoot with a 125 -&nbsp;150cc rig, do I now need to consider eliminating what might make me look ...
  • Re: Yamaha Tricity 125

    Do keep those reviews comming as, not being able to ride all the scoots available, we love to hear about their individual character from the test ride crew&nbsp;. The Yammy Tricity appears as very good value. Tyre kicked it frequently over the last weeks. Does it&nbsp;temper the spirit of scootering?&nbsp;It is short listed as a replacement ...
    Posted to 51cc to 125cc Reviews (Forum) by aspro boy on 03-10-2015
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