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  • Rally

    Hi all does anyone have specific dates and location for SA rally2016 ?
  • Battery powe

    Hi all hope you rides are long memorable. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on battery life of a gts 300 when using phone charger, will I have any probs on say a four hour ride if using gps on phone. Also any thoughts on how to have cable in socket and other end out of glove box, closing the door leaves it very tight. Thanks in ...
  • Lml

    Hi all what amazing weather. I need tech advise have 2010 lml(not working) as a project I would like to strip replace almost everything with superior parts and of course get it working, am I barking up the wrong tree or is this feasible plan?
    Posted to Ask An Expert (Forum) by Giulio on 11-17-2015
  • Clarification please!!

    Hi all me again. Maybe I&#39;m just very confused or perhaps that last g&amp;t was one too many but, is there such a thing as a new px 200 manual on the market, I&#39;ve just finished reading a few threads and unless realy pi..ed it would appear there is in which I have to have one. Also now that I&#39;m on a roll can I share my only very slight ...
  • The ride

    Hi all finally I rode to Wollongong today, the ride in was fantastic great weather the gts was amazing, however once over 120 ks hit full throttle and then had to wait whilst bike caught up, a little disappointing I&#39;d love some feed back as to what I could do to fix this minor issue, other than that the day and the ride, albeit getting ...
  • Advice

    Hi all hope ya wheels are turning. I am thinking about dr pulleys for my gts 300. But need a basic explantion of how they work and what I can expect as a result
  • Noise

    Hi all hole everyone has dried out after the weeks down pours. I know this is probably a stupid question but it needs to be anwsered, well I need an answer my gts 300 produces a whirring noise sporadically what the hell us it ?
  • Re: no jackets

    In the first plsce I don&#39;t judge or criticise any one on their choice of riding gear. However unfortunatley I&#39;ve experienced (second hand) the damage that is caused by wearing inappropriate &nbsp;clpthing when riding, each to their own for me it&#39;s very simple no matter how much I might suffer on a very hot day in a leather jacket and ...
  • Re: Staying dry

    And it seems a very small helmet, just in casr
  • Re: A retired riders perspective on life

    Nice a touch of reality thankyou
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