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  • Re: I'm Speechless

    [quote user="Cuttlefish"] "Watsa behinda you. She does not a matta!" says the driver as he rips off the rear vision mirror in his new Ferrari and chucks it out the window. [/quote]  As said Raul Julia playing "Franco Bertollini" in the 1976 movie The Gumball rally. A classic !!!  
  • Re: 6.6.10 Cancelled Race Meet

    Hey Guys, Nothing to do here in the land of the long white cloud (while I'm waiting for my shipping container with my scoots in it) So I've been updating my website - to all you scooter racers with my crash knobs on em - SEND ME PHOTOS !!!! to they'll go up on my website and on my ...
    Posted to Scooter Track Events (Forum) by R1hoon on 09-14-2010
  • Re: Chinese trikes

     I just don't see the point of trikes (the non-leaning types - MP3 is different) - the whole beauty of two wheels is in the cornering...........three wheels, fixed axle ........isn't it just an unstable car????
    Posted to Chat off topic here (Forum) by R1hoon on 03-06-2010
  • Re: Chinese trikes

    [quote user="yachtie01"] Here is a conversion for you,cheers. [/quote]   eggghhh - it's not a trike, 'cos its now got 4 wheels !??! Are they just glorified training wheels??
    Posted to Chat off topic here (Forum) by R1hoon on 03-03-2010
  • Re: I own a scooter

    [quote user="Raven"]have to big bore my KTM 525 first [/quote]  I did my SMR + stroked it at the same time now it's 578cc he he he  Mega Grunty Fun  
  • Re: Safety Posters - Brisbane Shoot

      Add Your Own Slogan - Scooter - No gears - cool Rider - No gear - Fool Look like fool - Ride like a tool
  • Re: LML/Stella 4 stroke
    Posted to Classic Zone (Forum) by R1hoon on 01-27-2010
  • Re: Dakar Photos

    [quote user="pyrah"]  I have been to the Finke race when i lived in the Alice & its a fantastic event but its a 2 day race compared with a 14 stage world event thats my reason for saying bring it to Australia [/quote]   The Finke was going to be a longer event like the Dakar - but it got too hot and they decided to ...
  • Re: Dakar Photos

     [quote user="pyrah"]  amazing quality pictures bring the race to Australia [/quote] Australia has it's own famous desert race the Finke I have a scooter customer who raced the Dakar TWICE as a privateer - he says without a full factory race team and backup crew of mechanics ...
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