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  • cover with top box

     g'day all,   i am trying to find a basic cover for a HD200 sized scooter with a top box. people in the shops weren't too helpful about what size was going to fit and they didn't have much of a range either for scooters.   all the best, jason 
  • Back Armour

    Hi all, I was wondering whether to invest in some form of back protection. It seems a particularly important thing to protect for many reasons, and it might be the best thing to slide on if necessary. I have an Ixon jacket with some foam padding there, but it is quite flimsy really. I was thinking of something harder to slip in, or something more ...
  • Re: Running in a new scoot

    Hi everyone,   thanks for the advice and the welcome. I also got a lot of good advice which lead me to getting the HD200. Allen, I got the current model which has the rear disc brake which seemed like a good idea. The price seems very good at the moment for these machines. I've only clocked up about 35km though so far. Anything else to ...
  • Re: Running in a new scoot

     Hi, the manual provides the suggestion that for the first 1000km you should avoid rapid acceleration and keep the speed to 60km/h. I was wondering what effect minor violations of this might have. I plan to stick to the 'suggestion' as best as possible. So I guess that will mean avoiding certain roads and situations for the first ...
  • Running in a new scoot

     Hi all, after much useful advice for the forums, I finally bit the bullet and decided on a HD200. So far so good. I am not sure what to do about running the scoot in and maybe over did it by hitting 80 for a short burst on my first ride home from the shop. Is it likely to be damaging to have done this once? What guidelines should one stick ...
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