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  • Re: 32,000k Club

    [quote user=&quot;SharonVespaGirl&quot;]That was a week or so ago. Now it&#39;s passed 52000[/quote] Three hearty cheers, Sharon.&nbsp; Reaching this milestone on any scooter is a reasonable feat, but I think moreso on 10&quot; wheels.&nbsp; Even now with Silver Pixie&#39;s back wheel cured of wobbles I can&#39;t see myself reaching this distance ...
  • Re: 32,000k Club

    Ok, have finally got there.&nbsp; Thought it&#39;d come sooner but have also just ticked over 5,000km on the PX200.&nbsp; And now the sell ... Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ ...
  • Re: Nearly time to replace tyres

    [quote user=&quot;Kiwiscoot&quot;]I get about 15 000kms per back tyre with Michelin Gold Standards. 20 000 - 25 000 on the front.[/quote] Keeping in mind that different scooters wear tyres differently, I&#39;d endorse Kiwiscoot recommendation of Michelin Gold Standards.&nbsp; I got also got around 15,000km on the rear and close to 28,000km on the ...
  • Re: Burger vs Scarabeo

    [quote user=&quot;danceswithdingoes&quot;]its not a beginner&#39;s scoot imo, top heavy and tall, easy to tip at low speed[/quote] I think this may be more of an issue with the 200 with the fuel tank up under the seat (quite high). This is the trade off for a flat foot well, whereas the 500 has the fuel tank right down in the floor area.&nbsp; I ...
  • Re: Dilemma: To ride or not to ride?

    Yep, we can&#39;t lump all doctors in the same mould.&nbsp; 6 months into returning to 2 wheel rding I had a hip replacement.&nbsp; During my 2nd interview with the surgeon before the op I asked him whether I&#39;d be able to afterwards.&nbsp; He looked at me and said, &quot;Certainly.&nbsp; One of my patients would be lucky to measure 153cm, ...
  • Re: Who wears a hi-vis vest when riding & why?

    When I started riding at night my wife bought me a hi vis vest, but I have still not worn it.&nbsp; The times I have been nearly hit by cars cutting into my lane haave all been during the day.&nbsp; After a spate of 4 such incidents in 7 days I posted my experiences to this community and was advised to get an air horn and a loud pipe.&nbsp; I have ...
  • Re: 5 Speed PX 200

    If the 5th gear is something like an overdrive I think it would make the PX better at hill climbing.&nbsp; I find 50kph to 1105kph a rather broad range for 4th gear.&nbsp; One can detect a difference as you reach 75kph.&nbsp; Is that when the second jet kicks in?&nbsp; I think it would be kinder on both the engine and gear box if this is where the ...
  • Re: Scooter terminology for beginners - cool lingo, acronyms and mnemonics which will have you speaking scooterian fluently in no time!

    Vespa - one of the older scooter brands originating in Pontederra, Italy Vespina - an older, small bodied Vespa scooter Vespone - a scooter with a larger engine than the traditional Vespa, includes maxis Vespista - a Vespa rider&nbsp; (plural Vespisti) Vespizzatevi - those caught by the &quot;Vespa&quot; spell
    Posted to What to buy? Where to start (Forum) by miketl on 04-26-2011
  • Re: New 2011 Vespa PX

    [quote user=&quot;pyrah&quot;]Me thinks the Russian Ural is a BMW copy 2 cylinder 4 stroke[/quote] hmm.&nbsp; You may be correct, but I thought I heard the rider telling me he was glad he didn&#39;t have to premix the fuel, just top up the oil.
  • Re: Dilemma

    As with choosing any &quot;product&quot; in the end it comes down to personal preference. &quot;What feels right&quot;&nbsp; If you find you feel more &quot;at home&quot; on the Majesty then that&#39;s the scooter for you.&nbsp; If you have the finances, you could buy the Majesty then trade both the 200 Scarabeo and the Majesty for Scarabeo ...
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