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  • Re: Building a race scooter engine

    gday, just wondering why your using the thicker base gasket (and an 85mm crankshaft im guessing?) with a polini evo 2 kit? I thought these were only meant for the 77cc+ big bore kits. Well done with the build btw, looks like you could well meet your 23hp goal with that machine. i have a 94 yammy zuma myself with an air cooled polini evo cylinder ...
  • Yamaha Zuma overdrive kit

    Gday guys, my query is this:- I have a 1996 Yamaha zuma bombed out with all the gear (70cc bore, 21mm carb, pipe etc etc etc) except for upgrade transmission gears. I went about ordering some gears through a local vendor however he was unsure of which size gears to get and if they were compatible on my model of scooter. Are there any ...
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