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  • Re: Sachs KN_150

    Any ideal where it comes from ? China ? Vietnam or Korea. Cause it's so cheap, may be it'd from China, but I can not see it in China's web site.  
  • Re: Engine trouble

    I have a 50cc before my BeeWee 1997, has same problem, everytime up to the  hill, you feel powerless, but in normal condition, it's OK, as you said you travel in 65's, the RPM must be high, because up to the hill, need more power, so, the RPM soaring cause something like overheat in cylinder and the power is lost. Please let it ...
    Posted to Talk technical about scooters (Forum) by liuallan on 04-29-2008
  • Re: New BeeWee 125 Fuel Injection

    The year of a motor vehicle is not the date you registered or manufactured, it is said by the manufacturer, because of the sales reason, from previous year's December, they then say the new year's car. so, stamped 12/07, they called it year of  08. This new beewee is just annouced in April, so I believe  it will not coming to ...
  • New BeeWee 125 Fuel Injection

    A brand new version of BeeWee is now introduced in Taiwan. All of you may visit Although it's in Chinese, sorry Yamaha Taiwan doesn't have English web. The point is fuel injection, Taiwan has toughest standard of emssion control in the world. I have a 1997 Beewee, so I would like to ...
  • Re: Scooter Stolen

    Sorry to hear about your scooter been stolen. If you find it back, let us know, we all care about you. I bet your scooter will not be found in mainland China. In Taiwan, most new motorbike stolen will be ship to mainland China, also Mereceds, Lexus, BMW they put in a container and sell in China. So, to prevent been stolen, government here marks ...
  • Re: Different BeeWee

    For 54000 K, still not yet rebuild, the mechanician put his palm after the exhaust pipe, and feel engine is still powerful. You may also test it. I'm currently in Taiwan, but can not buy a new one here. Next March, I will go back to Canberra and want to buy a new BeeWee. I have this 1997 BeeWee for 10 years. So I know this is a good ...
    Posted to Members Scooter Pictures (Forum) by liuallan on 01-09-2008
  • Re: Different BeeWee

    That right, I currently work in Taiwan, my BeeWee is 1997. You just know what I've concerned. I like this BeeWee, although it run 54000 km, but still very powerful. What I care is air pollution, so I intend to buy a new one here, but there is no new motobike of this type in Taiwan. When I found it in Australia, I am so happy and ...
    Posted to Members Scooter Pictures (Forum) by liuallan on 12-31-2007
  • Different BeeWee

    This BeeWee is not in Australia. I just surprised there is brand new BeeWee here, because it has 2 temps engine produced a lot of smoke. I have this one for 10 years, run  54000 km. Good machine. I'll be back to Australia after the end of March 2008, I may buy a BeeWee again.
    Posted to Members Scooter Pictures (Forum) by liuallan on 12-28-2007
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