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  • Re: Servicing in Northern suburbs of Melb

    Excellent, thanks for the very informative responses guys! Yeah I did actually check the Aprilia website for dealers and they were not listed and the main scootermarket website just times out. Personally I'd be keeping the website and putting a redirect on it so that it goes straight to the new business.. but maybe thats' just me ...
  • Servicing in Northern suburbs of Melb

    Hi Everyone, Its time for my scooters 15,000k service and unfortunately it appears that Scootermarket on Hoddle/Punt in Abbotsford (VIC) has gone MIA:( It's a real shame as I bought mine there and have only used them for servicing so far. I found them really helpful. Anyway does anyone recommend any specific place in the Northern suburbs of ...
  • Re: Vespa GTS performance mods - the results are in!!

    Thanks Bunny and Mike for the Scarabeo install suggestions!   I reckon I'll try the air filter myself as it pretty much sounds bolt on and anything else I might get scootermarket (hoddle street) who service mine, to do that. It's my primary mode of transport at the moment so I guess I dont want to risk stuffing anything up, ...
  • Re: Vespa GTS performance mods - the results are in!!

    Any recommendations on who can do this in Melbourne on a Scarabeo 250ie?  
  • Re: Bloody nutcase drivers in Perth

      Its funny, I actually know far more cyclists that have had accidents than motorbike/scooterists. One of my sisters has had 3 accidents (none her fault) including pedestrians walking out in front of her and a car door opening on her (broken arm). My boss has been hit by cars twice - nothing too serious injury wise, just bumping into him by ...
  • Re: Victorian Licence

     Everyone is nervous at first, so don't go thinking you are out of the ordinary there. Although my first real scooter ride was on Hoddle Street during peak hour like another poster (very scary), I started with short, easy trips down to the shops. To practice turning left, right and U turns, I rode around the back streets near my place ...
  • Re: Is Scarabeo 500 really this big?

    [quote user="bemocked"] [quote user="adamtassell"]But I do understand what you mean still,and yes,it does wear thin after a while. I amnot immune to it![/quote]  It is interesting to contrast this "scooters are not masculine enough attitude" that you guy scooter-riders are sometimes confronted with, with the ...
  • Re: Is Scarabeo 500 really this big?

     Do you have to host pics somewhere (like flickr) and link to them? I could only seem to link to a URL that's all.  As you can probably tell, I haven't put any pics on Scootercommunity as yet so apologies for the newbie question!
  • Re: Is Scarabeo 500 really this big?

     If it's any consolation ColdCola, my Scarabeo 250ie has done over 3,000km since I got it in Feb and I have had zero problems. Not a single thing thus far.  If you want a few pics of mine so that you can compare with Denni's - mine is the same model, in black but without the modded wheels and no topbox or windscreen - just ...
  • Re: Melbourne City Traveller

     I did my L's (called "Stage 1, 2 and 3 riding course) and then full license (called Stage 7 and 8) at MotoMotion in Cheltenham. It's a fair distance for you but they were really good. All of them were done on the weekend by the way. The first 3 stages were around about $250 (full price including everything) the full license ...
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