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  • Re: How many ?

    I see heaps     dominos delivery scooters
  • Re: Honda PCX150

    I copied some guy off a forum in the us and just moved the hump back an inch   just drilled 2 holes and moved it   it looks factory but that 1 small inch is great   it takes 2min all up
    Posted to 126cc to 250cc Reviews (Forum) by andrewd on 04-09-2014
  • Re: New variator for Vespas

    the malossi is crap   i have the malossi, with the lighter weights it revved like crazy, the heavier weights and its not much different to stock i believe   and mine rattles like a tractor, i hope its the crap malossi variator   what about J Costa, is that sorted for the 300 yet?   they any good?   ive just put ...
  • Re: 2 Stroke fun

    or if auto a gilera runner 180   had both    a stock px200 then with pipe and few things a stock runner (runner is about 50x faster LOL) and a modified T5 classic, looked like a px but modified lots, super fast very fun, wheelies at speed, not just off the line... ahh it was awesome
  • Re: Not A Happy Chappy

    you dont ride at 100km/h to set it   stuff the speedo healer, you ride at a set speed and it piss easy   i did mine riding at 50km/h   cost $0.00
    Posted to 250cc+ Reviews (Forum) by andrewd on 11-14-2012
  • Re: Not A Happy Chappy

    piaggio speedos are the worst!   my GTS300 was 10% + 4km out   wow it can do almost 150km/h indicated LOL in actual fact they are electronically limited to 122km/h for the 250 and 300 via rev limiter   what i did is pull the speedo apart and ride at a constant speed via GPS and then pulled the needle off and stuck it back on ...
    Posted to 250cc+ Reviews (Forum) by andrewd on 11-12-2012
  • Re: decisions :)

    if you were in melbourne id probably sell you my GTS300 for 4k, its done 8k but needs tyres and shocks im 135kg and it wheelies and beats everything till 60km/h
  • Re: shudders

    they are shithouse for this, it will happen again and again   quick fix   grab a big handful of rear brake, and full throttle it, hold for 5-10seconds   BAM shudder gone   seriously it works, but shudder will come back so either repeat, or chuck garbage clutch in the bin and fit polini etc...
  • Re: Whats your thinking

    [quote user="lead runner"] love the white walls! [/quote]     i have these on my GTS 300   they are the most rubbish tyre ever made   fine in  the dry   dangerous in the wet, i believe they are not rubber but plastic....!!!   if i nail the throttle i can usually wheelspin through an ...
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