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  • Re: Coming to a Street near you... Check this out!

    [quote user="kiwiscoota"]I prefered their MX200 as it looked more a like the sort of thing George Jetson (The Jetsons TV series) would drive.[/quote] Are you sure it wasn't because the guy in the MX200 is losing his hair like you are ?
    Posted to Chat off topic here (Forum) by motorrad on 01-19-2009
  • Re: Fuzzy Lids

    [quote user="dozer."] No open face ones, otherwise, I'd get one. [/quote] I'm sure you could get a wig next time you're in Sydney from one of the "specialist" shops on Oxford Street, then glue it to your Momo helmet.
  • Re: Blatant Plug – DB Autotech

    Rather shameless plug Ben50..... hehehe Nice to see that you have some standards Dozer and you did not stoop to blatantly plugging like Ben50 did.
  • Re: vespa gts 250 electrical problem

    I'm sure my father has heard me call him worse names than "Pa", I often call him "Gramps" I've got the Scooter Community Badges on both my old black GTS300 and the new white GTS300, sorry I haven't got any photos, I rarely remember to take photos of anything, much to dad's annoyance. The black one ...
  • Re: vespa gts 250 electrical problem

    [quote user="bradr"]wow,50000km,i have a long way to go,if ya want to know about the exhaust problem--google "vespa 250gts exhaust problem"--its a bit scary.[/quote] The GTS250 had 61,000km on the clock when it was sold. I did a Google search as you suggested, the problem with the exhaust that you refer to is really ...
  • Re: vespa 250 gts drive belt

    [quote user="ScootaChic"] ha! Hi Motorrad. It's good to see you online again. How's life? [/quote] To use one of your own lines recently sent to my father; "I'm not really interested in anything you have to say"
  • Re: vespa gts 250 electrical problem

    I'm curious as what you meant about the "troublesome exhaust engine pipe". ? I should add I never had any probs with the battery cable or exhaust on my GT200, GTS250 or either of my GTS300's. The GT200 and GTS250 I travelled more than 50,000 on each, the black GTS300 has now done just over 20,000km, my newest toy a ...
  • Re: vespa 250 gts drive belt

    On my old GT200 & GTS250, I could safely get 20,000km out of a belt, with my first GT300 I needed to replace the belt at 11,000km. But I'd used my first GT300 for a lot of crushed rock roads in Europe that took their toll on tyres and the scooter generally, can you imagine roads so bad that I wore away the bottom edge of the front ...
  • Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Arrivederci

    Just a note to tell everyone that I will not be around for a while, I'm flying out tomorrow to London and then onto Rome. I'll be touring in Europe for about 6 weeks and hopefully I'll get to sample some exotic European scooters that we do not see here. cheers
    Posted to Chat off topic here (Forum) by motorrad on 07-06-2008
  • Re: Customising a scooter?

    You'd need to do a web search for powder coating in your area.   I seem to recall some "wheel" places do powder coating.  You would also need to satisfy yourself that they had experience with wheels otherwise you might end up with the wheels being distorted by the heat process. 
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