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    Some Galah will be doing this when they knock you off your scooter and probably put you in hospital  Just make sure that when you are driving in your cage --YOU DONT TEXT   

    DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND WATCH TILL THE END   Brilliant Texting advert from South Africa   Sent by a delegate of the NSW  Motor cycle Council  

    When will someone post a report on the Rally ?????????????????????????????
    Posted to Club and Ride Events (Forum) by Rod Fountain on 04-24-2018
  • Re: Vespa Club Sydney Ride - Sunday 22nd April - Central Coast Ride

    Suggestion = Next time you ride to the Central Coast Try Ettalong as your destination - The BOX cafe on the ettalong beachfront just behind the Mantra resort is a top spot to stop for coffee etc and is far more parking friendly than Terrigal 
    Posted to Club and Ride Events (Forum) by Rod Fountain on 04-24-2018

    Canberra is the host for this years rally on April 6th to 8th  all details are on   http// Go and have a fun time you lucky riders and hopefully they will have a "run a politician over event "  I will gladly supply some names 
    Posted to Club and Ride Events (Forum) by Rod Fountain on 01-17-2018
  • Re: A fly in the ointment

    Inma -- I think Isaid it all in my last post "end of 2017 "  Both you and your family and all the other scooter riders out there --- Have a bonzer 2018 with plenty of safe riding  HAPPY NEW YEAR 
  • Re: The end of 2017

    Thamks Tonyr Now just because I have 4 instead of 2 wheels I dont harrass people any more than when i had 2 wheels.  In fact Ive grown to be a very friendly chap,waving ,wishing people a happy day etc and even smiling at some of the dogs who arnt sure whether to go into attack mode or not  when I ride by  Its only when some deaf ...
  • Re: A fly in the ointment

    Inma --please take a ride on a mobility scooter into your nearest shopping precinct and just discover how bloody rude and not caring are pedestrians They will walk --stop--walk in a criiked line --talk or listen on their phone or radio in fact half of them deserve to be hit by either a push bike rider or razor scooter rider or mobility scooter or ...
  • A fly in the ointment

    Having sold my lovely Burgman 400 and having bought a Mobility scooter to run down to the shops etc , I now find there is a Senator in Federal Parliament who wants to put restrictions on the use of mobility scooters  Senator John Williams from northern NSW is proposing changes with the major change being the speed that mobility scooters ...
  • Re: The end of 2017

    Mike -- that is so sad the news about Philippa and I know just how much you love riding You are truly one of the enthusists of the industry,with all your modifications especialy on a new scooter  I also know how much you must love VEspas Words and I doubt prayers cannot fix your situation but we can only hope that things improve It was ...
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