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  • Re: And now for something completely different

    Pray tell Mr Jax -What agenda do I have--please explain &nbsp;and where is the information incorrect as you say. You make all these one liners but with no substance -so how about giving us your knowledge of the true facts as you believe them to be &nbsp;or dont you have an answer &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;
  • Re: NSW CTP INSURANCE -A Serious Matter

    Having read all the above&nbsp; and now realising that you guys are not interested then I shall&nbsp;not respond to any&nbsp;more &nbsp;comments As&nbsp;for me &nbsp;I shall be $135 better off next year,&nbsp;so why should I care how will other riders fare. .Also Jax, who ever you are ,&nbsp;learn to count because there were 4 more posts on the ...
  • Re: NSW CTP INSURANCE -A Serious Matter

    Who ever you are - maybe you&nbsp;did not read my above post on this matter fully&nbsp;or maybe you are not totally interested - I said that it would be great if clubs /people that have some&nbsp;more knowledge of the situation got together to form a coordinated approach with some positive suggestions to the MAA Maybe you think that what we are ...
  • Come feed the Pelicans

    Join the NSW&nbsp;Central Coast Scooter Club on Saturday arvo on 24th July in a ride from West Gosford up to the Entrance Leaving West Gosford Hungry Jacks at 1pm we will ride down to&nbsp;Woy (as Spike Milligan called it )over the Rip Bridge and out through Empire Bay ,Bensville Terrigal Wamberal and onto the Entrance for the mandatory cuppa ...
    Posted to Club and Ride Events (Forum) by Rod Fountain on 07-16-2010
  • Re: NSW CTP INSURANCE -A Serious Matter

    Thank you for your reply and it looks as though South Australia are working&nbsp;along similiar lines &nbsp;to the same formula as NSW in&nbsp;rating Scooters /bikes by engine capacity .. NSW categories go 225cc or less ,226cc to 725cc, 726cc to1125cc&nbsp;plus 2 higher categories which will &nbsp;affect motorbikes The MAA in NSW &nbsp;have ...
  • NSW CTP INSURANCE -A Serious Matter

    Our Club the&quot; Central Coast Scooter Club&quot; have written several letters of complaint to the Motor Accident Authority&nbsp;about the exorbitant cost of CTP insurance for scooters. The new categories that have been set will mean that some riders will pay more for their CTP and some will pay less&nbsp;,however the system is still not a fair ...

    Please note that rides and events with the Central Coast Scooter Club for the period up to the end of October 2010 are now listed on the new website &nbsp;
    Posted to Club and Ride Events (Forum) by Rod Fountain on 07-14-2010
  • NSW Central Coast to Morpeth Sat July 10th

    Come join&nbsp;the Central Coast Scooter Club &nbsp;on this ride to the historic and beautiful town of Morpeth in the Hunter Valley About 5 lklm north of East Maitland this great little town offers plenty to explore and lots of eateries We will leave Hungry Jacks at Tuggerah at 10 am and ride via Cooranbong ,and Kurri Kurri&nbsp;with lunch at ...
    Posted to Club and Ride Events (Forum) by Rod Fountain on 06-30-2010
  • Re: CTP Greenslips in NSW

    The new pricing/premium categories are 225cc or less ,226cc to725cc, 726cc to1125cc&nbsp; Now I have just checked with GIO on my CTP insurance on a 400cc Burgman and mine will reduce from $360 this year to about $225 next year depending on whether they hold the rates at the 1st july figure . Lokk in the last Scooter mag and you will see that ...
  • CTP Greenslips in NSW

    From the 1st July new categories have been created for the charges for CTP greenslips (where the&nbsp;&quot;greenslips&quot; got in there ,I do not know) Some will pay more&nbsp;and some hopefully will pay less These new categories have been laid down by a bunch of no hopers in the MAA (Motor Accident Authoritory) I think they spin a coin to ...
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