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  • Re: A ride this coming Saturday 18th Feb 2017

    Yes we rode--drank coffee and chatted until we could see dark clouds gathering and home we headed I was in the pool when the 1st rain drops fell and the storm was nowhere as severe as the one on friday
    Posted to Club and Ride Events (Forum) by Rod Fountain on 02-19-2017
  • Re: Modding my new GTS300

    Pull over rider says that tall slender uniformed gentleman with his sunnys on and cap pulled well down over his forehead --Licence please--Is that really the year you were born ??? better blow into this bag and run this applicator over your tongue a couple of times Have you been drinking or taking illegal drugs because guys of your age dont ...
  • A ride this coming Saturday 18th Feb 2017

    Come and join us on a reasonably short ride to Peats Ridge this coming Saturday Meet up at Hungrys West Gosford at 1pm and off we go up along Wisemans Ferry Rd to Peats Ridge and the Corrugated Caf&eacute; where we will stop for a coffee cold drink and a chit chat Now no excuses because there is a number of you that ...
    Posted to Club and Ride Events (Forum) by Rod Fountain on 02-14-2017
  • Re: Goodbye PX

    Mike -- there are a lot of things in this so called modern world that are less appealing than things in the past I always loved those red double decker buses&nbsp; -the 12in vinyl LP records (which i still have about 100 )roads without speed cameras and people that did things on their own ,said it as it was and didnt rely on government handouts ...

    To my dearest Valentine -------- &quot;Roses are red and pigs like to grunt Will you be my Valentine You great hairy pal of mine&quot;. Author &quot;Lucky Grills&quot;
  • Re: TMax 530 for sale.

    This is one decision i can see you regretting for a long time &nbsp;
    Posted to Sell Your Scooter (Forum) by Rod Fountain on 02-12-2017
  • Re: temperatures

    I can see it now--- just like the USA --people from SA&nbsp;clambering to get over the border into NSW and&nbsp; our Gladies saying she will build a wall to stop them Wetherall standing defiant saying that the wind will blow again someday&nbsp;and Andrews in Vic saying they cant help because all their energy is going into the Safe Schools ...
  • Re: temperatures

    People would think you have peed yourself -- I can think of no answer except to stay inside in an air conditioned environment &nbsp;
  • Re: Modding my new GTS300

    Watch out --I can see a Pie and coffee coming on even if it is 40cDeg in the shade Anyone seeing a bright blue vespa travelling at supersonic speeds on the Serpent better watch out The rider is an elderly gentleman known affectionally as &quot;The Vespa Kid &quot;&nbsp; For the sake of mental stability do not under any circumstances mention ...
  • Re: Modding my new GTS300

    Isnt it a shame that people like mike with his intimate knowledge of Vespas ,is not employed by them in producing a product that doesnt need upgrading A wise head on old shoulders virtually going to waste That is unless the Vespa deliberately holds back on incorporating the improvements that Mike is making so that they can bring out new models ...
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