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    For Sale-- bottle Turtle Lens cleaner--special price as 10% used &nbsp;
  • Re: National Scooter Rally

    So did anyone besides our mate &quot;the Major&quot; attend the NSR in Griffith Will a report be posted and what about future NSRs Keen to hear&nbsp; (with&nbsp;pics will be better )&nbsp; &nbsp;
    Posted to Club and Ride Events (Forum) by Rod Fountain on 04-07-2017
  • hello

    We all&nbsp; know it&#39;s&nbsp; only a&nbsp; petrol tank, but how many&nbsp; times&nbsp; do you&nbsp; think the&nbsp; police have stopped&nbsp; him ??????&nbsp; ...
  • Re: April Foolsay ride report

    You better believe it 80 boxes unpacked and still about another 6 to 8 to go 2&nbsp;major council pick ups and wifey has made 6 trips to the Opportunity shop in Woy Plus,we have sold over $700 worth of&nbsp; furniture /gear on Gumtree&nbsp;&nbsp; Question --Where did all the money come from to buy all this stuff This is our final stop --never ...
    Posted to Club and Ride Events (Forum) by Rod Fountain on 04-03-2017
  • April Foolsay ride report

    It was a slow start from Hungry&#39;s West Gosford because we had 2 new guys turn up and a lot of talk prevailed . Mick joined us on his new Burgman 200 and Phil who hasn&#39;t been on a ride for ages finally closed shop early and joined us The traffic out through West Gosford is getting worse even with the new roadworks ...
    Posted to Club and Ride Events (Forum) by Rod Fountain on 04-02-2017
  • Re: National Scooter Rally

    WELL The NSR should bein full swing by the time I write this . How come more publicity didnt occur or is the scooter community tryingto keep it aecret Because wifey and I have been changing house I totally forgot until the Major emailed me saying he couldnt join our ride today because he was in Griffith Now I know he didnt go there to pay his ...
    Posted to Club and Ride Events (Forum) by Rod Fountain on 04-01-2017
  • Re: Would you buy a Cezeta?

    Some things old have a certain beauty (like me for instance) but sorry Cezeta does nothing for me in fact I find it quite ugly --Trust a pommie to want to copy it -Note not a chinese copy
  • Being Arrested

    Hi all.&nbsp; Good to see a Judge prepared to rule correctly on what the law is actually designed to do, rather than the way Police want it to be.&nbsp; The key to arrest is always what&rsquo;s in the mind of the person police are dealing with &ndash; not what the police are trying to achieve. &nbsp;Police actually have the power to arrest ...
  • Re: Hello 2017 Honda SH 150i

    What a dirty rotten trick by Honda --Are they so desparate for the money that they couldnt make it the NORMAL 12 months I cant stand cheapskates so as far as I am concerned that is the finish of Honda for me &nbsp;
  • Re: Random.....

    Mr Sheen was a&nbsp; copycat product produced by Samuel Taylor (the Mortein people ) Johnson Wax led the way with Pledge which was a water based silicone wax furniture polish which was absolutely marvelous on most surfaces Mr Sheen followed but had an oily base and didnt shine as brightly and often left a streaky finish &nbsp; &nbsp;
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