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  • Re: 2017 first quarter sales

    I think weather isn't helping. In Sydney it's been raining basically every day for the last eight weeks (or that's what it feels like anyway)  - who's going to buy a scooter here?
  • Re: Would you buy a Cezeta?

    [quote user="pyrah"] Talking of Vespa here is a auction for one you may like click [/quote]   Over $195,000 for this POS that can't even stand upright?!? I think I'll pass :)
  • Re: Would you buy a Cezeta?

    [quote user="pyrah"] Distribution both to the USA and to Australasia from the end of 2018 onwards I see in the UK it's 7390 pounds excluding vat so add another 20% = 8868 pounds . Exchange rate of 7390 is around $12087 + our tax add on means don't think i will see many about [/quote] It appears this will be a limited run of ...
  • Re: Would you buy a Cezeta?

    [quote user="gunnabuild1"] Love the idea but like most of these type of things it will probably be built with the cheapest of chinese bits stuck together in an irrepairable, economically disastrous hodge podge of poorly matched components. If the Vectrix couldn't make a go of it with what was by ...
  • Would you buy a Cezeta?

    Cezeta was a Czech brand from the 50's, making very 50's-looking scooters. Not that many were sold outside of the Eastern Bloc, although curiously a few were assembled in New Zealand, where they were branded N-Zetas. In any case, it appers Cezeta brand is now being revived by an Englishman. His plan is to make an electric scooter while ...
  • Re: SWM (motorcycles) road test

    [quote user="pyrah"] But the continental as a harris designed frame (think RE as now bought them out)     [/quote] it doesn't matter where the frame is designed if it's built out of cheese instead of proper steel...  
  • Re: Hello 2017 Honda SH 150i

    [quote user="aspro boy"]The Dio is not broken. [/quote]   There is nothing wrong with PCX150 either and frankly I see no compelling reason to pick one over the other. Well... I suppose there is nothing wrong with having a choice either :)    
  • Re: Goodbye PX

    Oh well. I never understood the love people have for 2-strokes. Whatever gene is responsible for that, it's clear that it's absent from my makeup. Also, I rode LML once. It was by far the worst scooter I ever rode, cured me of any retro fantasies once and for all...  
  • Re: temperatures

    [quote user="pyrah"]  Yep tried it out the other day in + 40 degrees 10% humidity and keeped me cool good for my $17 50 . Soaked for around 3 minutes then rolled up to expel excess water . Used it for around 1 hour guess would have lasted another hour before needing soaking again . After getting home tee shirt was damp at the ...
  • Re: temperatures

    [quote user="pyrah"] Hoping to try out a Hyperkewl vest under the mesh jacket in a couple of weeks time [/quote] For some reason I just remembered this post :)   So, how did the vest work out for you?
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